Top 10 Older Man – Younger Woman Romance Movies

If you want to see romantic relationships between older men and younger women you should definitely watch our picks for the best older man – younger woman romance movies.

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We missed your favorite Older Man Younger Woman Movie? Let us know in the comments! 

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Movies in this Ranking:
10. Liberal Arts (2012): (00:32)
9. The Hot Spot (1990): (01:31)
8. Breathe In (2013): (02:26)
7. One Wild Moment (2015): (03:23)
6. The Girl in the Café (2005): (04:19)
5. Elegy (2008): (05:19)
4. Secretary (2002): (06:17)
3. Copenhagen (2014): (07:15)
2. An Education (2009): (08:13)
1. Lost in Translation (2003): (09:59)

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  1. Lolita by Stanley Kubrik
    Nothing else

  2. I can vouch for: Lost in Translation, Oranges, The Girl in the Cafe and Liberal Arts. Blame it on Rio is a sex farce, and quite funny!

  3. It says 2012 for 'The Hot Spot'.

  4. High Noon. Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly. All the Bogart movies made with Lauren Becall. "If you want me, just whistle. You can whistle"? In fact most of early Hollywood movies were that way.

  5. same as me…i prefer in a relationship with older man than me..but sadly im single😅

  6. The Crush should be at number 1

  7. Lost i translation was not erotic it was an adventure but not erotic at all to me. The foreign ones create the most heat. Jennifer Connelly was hot at such a young age, I understand Don Johnson. Lol. I can relate to Elegy the most as on my first I had to chastise myself for looking at some of the young women asking me so many questions about the course. Just tempting. They are after you from day one. You have to create boundaries and stick with them.

  8. The crush should have been here. Great list, through!♡♡

  9. I know it's weird for some people but I like someone who's older than me, and it absolutely fine.

  10. I don't know but I feel really strange in my tummy watching this.

  11. Seeing the actor in #6 reminded me of him in "Wild Target" which should be on this list… except it is allot more FUN and not serious.

  12. For me A girl with 19 is more mature then a man in 30s

  13. This is inspiring and we see a young Scarlett Witch Wanda, Black Widow and The Rocketeer’s Girlfriend, Jenny Blake!

  14. Whats the movie they show for a split second with robert downey jr in the start?

  15. There a movie you didn’t include you should have starring nip tucks Julian McMahon the movie is magenta

  16. One wild moment is the best

  17. vincent cassel is so hot. a dream suggar daddy. i don't blame the girl at all

  18. by the time of the shoot Lola le lann was 19years old and vincent was 49…

  19. Jennifer Connelly is soo beautiful

  20. 👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙sex movie

  21. Your pose😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️


  23. 2 of my favourits are not there!!!!! The Lover 1992 and Lolita 1997 the best movie ever!,!!!!!!

  24. Why is the Pretty Baby (1978) not in this list?

  25. Two top 100 movies are on your list. "Elegy" and "Lost in translation". Not sure which one i like more.

  26. A good list, I think that 'My First Mister' should have been on there too.

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