Top 10 Napoleonic War Movies of All Time

Credits: see below. In this video, we will show you a top 10 list of the best Napoleonic war movies ever made. The Napoleonic Wars refer to a series of military conflicts that occurred in the early 19th century with the belligerents being France and its allies on one hand, and the Coalition forces on the other hand. Check out more great content from Stream TV on our official YouTube channel.

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StudioCanal / Orly Films / TF1 Films Production, “Colonel Chabert” (1994)
Dino de Laurentiis Cinematografica / Mosfilm, “Waterloo” (1970)
Mosfilm, “War and Peace” (1965)


  1. I must point out…. yes I must… That your presentation regarding "Mutiny"- with Jion Gryyfyd (damn my poor welsh spelling!) Hornblower, is quite wrong indeed. The Character, Captain Sir Edward Pellew was the Captain of the H.M.S. Indefatiguable (sp?) was a masterful, intelligent and successful Frigate captain and it was upon this the ship in which Hornblower served turned out to be some of the best times of his naval career. During his time He, Hornblower through his own efforts and merits over a number of adventures and engagements, managed to form a close relationship with Sir Edward, that might be seen by some as bordering upon an almost father and son level. The Mutiny you refer to occured upon another ship and under another captain entirely and the majority of that tale occured whilst enroute from England to and within the region of the Carribean. This Captain was indeed showing signs of mental instability from the outset and his condition only worsened as the journey continued. The events that unfold eventually see Hornblower and a some of his fellow officers having to undergo a court marshal for their part in those events.

  2. Armand Assante ,
    Napoleon & Josephine , a love story 1987 .

  3. Abel Gance's Napoleon 1927 is number 1 without any doubt. I dont understand why would anybody put the movie on 3rd place.

  4. Hilter after watching nepoleon 1927 :- I'm about to make a remake

  5. This is not exactly a comprehensive list. There are several notables left out. The Sharpe series for one, as well as The BBC 1973 War & Peace which at 17 episodes was longer than the earlier Russian version. Plus i don't understand why the Horatio Hornblower series was handed with individual episodes as opposed to the whole series? Abel Gance returned in 1964 with AUSTERLITZ while not as well known as his NAPOLEON 1927 was still a large production item. There are others I am probably not counting but these come to mind immediately.

  6. What Waterloo should have been in top 3

  7. War and Peace 1967. Love it 😉

  8. 1. Waterloo 2. War and Peace 3. Napoleon

  9. I remember seeing the reconstructed 1927 silent movie Napoleon when it debuted at Radio City Music Hall with a live orchestra. It's final scenes were shown on three parallel screens. It was introduced live on stage by director Francis Coppola and at the end he had Abel Gance on the phone who was too ill to travel (no Zoom in 1981).

  10. and the best one has never been produced… by stanley kubrick…

  11. 4 cited movies deal with sea ops ….. LoL …. in my opinion MIDWAY is lacking 😉

  12. Austerlitz not cited … this is a farce 😉

  13. I enjoyed Woody Allen's Love And Death 💂🏽‍♀️

  14. I love Hornblower, but above Master and Commander?

  15. "N. Bonaparte, the fisrt emperor of the french…" What about Charlemagne ?..

  16. This is crap. Captain Hornblower (1951) isnt a great film but infantile and Waterloo should be #1 not 8

  17. its not on the list but i liked the old german "The Last Companie: Eine Handvoll Helden" which has a great setting being a bunch of prussians defending a mill during the retreat following Jena

  18. 7:12 you’ve got your movies mixed up! In Mutiny he’s a 3rd Lieutenant serving under Captain James Sawyer who’s paranoid-schizophrenic. He serves first under Captain Edward Pellew on the HMS Indefatigable in The Even Chance where has to deal with a senior Midshipman, Midshipman Jack Simpson who has a duel with him.

  19. I’m sorry at 7:00…..WHO HORNBLOWER!? He’s 3rd Lieutenant (left-tennant) HORATIO HORNBLOWER!

  20. Hornblower and Sharpe TV sereis are very well done. An excellent film 'Desiré' with Marlon Brando and Jean Simmons is also an excellent intro to his life and loves.

  21. Napoleon 2002 and Waterloo need to be at the top

  22. half of the clips for #2 Mutiny aren't even from that film. also The Frogs and the Lobsters is definitely the best of the Hornblower tv film series. that would be my 3 behind Master and Commander and Waterloo

  23. Everything shown for Hornblower 'mutiny' was wrong – mostly shown footage for 'An Even Chance'. If Hornblower in the running…where is Sharpe?

  24. I wonder why "The Battle of Austerlitz" isn't on the list. Much better than many on the list.

  25. Waterloo should have been the best one 💯

  26. My favorite "Napoleon movie" is Monsieur N.
    OK, it is not a war movie since it takes places on St Helena Island but it is extremely well done (settings, costumes, actors) with a clever script and good dialogs.

  27. Looks like they Need an HBO miniseries of this time frame.

  28. please list of soundtrack , they're all awesome . thank you i would really appreciate it

  29. I am waiting for Ridley Scotts kitbag hopefully dropping in 2023. I'd love to see a movie about Napeolons early conquests, too many forget about his Egyptian campaigns at the end of the 18th century.

  30. The 1962 film version of Billy Budd is also very good and set in this time, although it's less about combat and more about tensions aboard a Royal Navy ship. A very young Terence Stamp plays Billy, before he got pigeonholed into bad guy roles, and Robert Ryan is a bone-chillingly evil Claggart.

  31. The Hornblower episode Mutiny focused on Captain Sawyer rather than Pellew. The clips with Pellew and the duel between midshipmen is from Even Chance.

  32. Waterloo is the best in my Opinion

  33. Glory to our emperor 🇫🇷. The eagle is again with us

  34. Stream TV 2.34 upcoming skirmish, so the battle of Waterloo was a skirmish? Seriously you need a dictionary and a thesaurus.
    The battle of Waterloo involved 72,000 French troops, 68,000 Wellington's allied troops and 45,000 Prussians. With over 60,000 casualties in all.
    Some damn skirmish! 😄

  35. Not historically accurate, but Master and Commander is one of the BEST historically authentic movies I’ve ever seen. Going up against Lord of the Rings kept it under the radar unfortunately.

  36. yes war and peace is a fantastic movie but the battle scenes are very short allot of talking. waterloo i can watch time and time again, i have watched war and peace once, if i go back its for battle scenes only

  37. Where is the scene at 0:12 from? Don't think I've seen that film but the visuals look newer.

  38. Scanning the comments: I'm going to watch Waterloo.

  39. DAMN THE DEFIANT (aka HMS DEFIANT) stars Sir Alec Guiness, Dirk Bogarde, and Anthony Quayle in a splendid portrayal of life in the Royal Navy.

  40. What about Austerlitz from 1960 ? Sharp´s Series ? Napoleon from 1954 with Jean Gabian 3 hours long ? Eine Handvoll Helden die letzte Kompanie ? Kolberg ? Andreas Hofer ? Screw you, your list is shite because of missing essential movies !

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