Top 10 mystery/mindf*ck movies of all time [HD]

These are the best mindblowing movies in my opinion.

10. 00:00 Mulholland drive
9. 01:24 Coherence
8. 03:11 Momento
7. 04:31 Triangle
6. 06:06 The Prestige
5. 07:44 Predestination
4. 09:09 Fight Club
3. 11:22 Shutter Island
2. 13:39 Inception
1. 15:56 Donnie Darko

Thank you for watching !


  1. Damn i have watched all of these movies in this list

  2. amazing list… i have seen all already.. though

  3. Mullholland drive is by far my favourite!

  4. Got baited to watch Triangle from the comments.. Such a boring and excepted turn of events 👎🏽👎🏽

  5. All of those movies are good. But i really like the shutter island.

  6. Add the machinest to your list…

  7. Ill leave this comment for any other mystery movie suggestions .

  8. Coherence, maybe in top 5 worst movies I have ever watched!

  9. Shutter island is the best

  10. I love all these movie but i have to admit "Triangle" is the movie that made me love mystery and thriller genre.


  12. The fact that you don't have Zodiac here…

  13. Best list I've seen on youtube

  14. 10 Best mystery thriller movies of all time (Dubbed in hindi)

    10👉The fifth element 1997
    9👉Lucy 2014
    8👉Scarface 1983
    7👉Escape Room 2019
    6👉The Imitation Game 2014
    5👉Jack Reacher 2012
    4👉The Bourne Identity 2002
    3👉Mad Max Fury Road 2015
    2👉Searching 2018
    1👉Train to Busan 2016

    #BinoyB #Gisa

  15. Go watch Zodiac 2007. Thank me later…

  16. too bad i've already watched all of these…nothing left…

  17. Six sense ???.. silence of lambs ???.' The others ??????

  18. I love Triangle (2009). Such a strange and bizarre mystery thriller.

  19. NO COMPETITION ! the only movie that really blow your mind by its end is " Momento " , really a masterpiece 👌

  20. hes not adding presoners to this list the most powerfull mystery story line ever seen so im out


  22. This list is way better then those which puts overhyped inception at first place. Donnie deserves some respect.

  23. “Of all time” yet where are movies before ‘00s reservoir dogs… the usual suspects…? 10 times better than these shit storms.

  24. I've watched 4 of those and they're all some of my favorites so I'm definitely gonna watch the others as well, I'm sure that I'll love it!

  25. how did you decide to put Mulholland drive on n.10 ??? where is synecdoche new york??? what about inland empire??

  26. I've watched each and everyone of it.they're all brilliantly made and well acted films

  27. what the hell is momento….LEL is memento

  28. Add Rebirth & Butterfly Effect

  29. Ohh that fkn coherence shizz is fd up fo real

  30. I watched Triangle for 10 times. Deal with it!

  31. Great video! Love that you just showed the trailers and didn't have talking over. Can't wait for more to come!

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