Top 10 Murder Mystery Movies

Put on your sleuthing cap and bring along a trusty sidekick because the films on this list are real whodunits. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Murder Mystery Movies. Suggestion Tool►► Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Channel Page►►

For this list, we’re looking at films that stray from the formulaic plot structure that makes it easy for audiences to follow and that keep the killers in the dark from the audience until the very end.

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  1. Se7en is considered one of the best movies of all time, yet it's not in your top 10 in this specific genre? Hmm.

  2. Memento is my personal favourite murder mystery movie.

  3. This is a wonderful list but ranking is beyond me

  4. Where the side walk ends ,perfume,murder she said,dressed to kill,knives out…

  5. watchmojo buying views i swair god

  6. Shouldn't kept LA Confidential under 5

  7. Knives out the best one !!

  8. Ratchet was the murdered one…

  9. You have to amend a mistake in this video. At around 4:110 it's mentioned as "Ratchet must figure out the murderer." In that movie, Murder the orient express, Ratchet was the murderedo one.
    The investigator was Poirot.
    So it should be "Poirot must figure out rRatchet's' murderer."
    You overlooked the right name.

  10. how the fuck is Seven only an honorable mention? it's gotta be a top 100 movies of all time. i mean jesus christ, "what's in the fuckin' box" is still quoted today!

  11. I should watch every movie in this list

  12. My favourite is Gone Girl
    I also love Memories of Murder, Zodiac, Knives Out, Memento, and Se7en

  13. There is this movie (kill me again)… when a PI ( val Kilmer) trayed to fake murder for a one of his client and the whole schame gone awry .

  14. It seems everyone forgets The Fat Man or Sidney Greenstreet, a legendary actor! He started late but ended well

  15. Knives out exceeded my expectations it was hell of a movie u guys shd do apart 2 on it

  16. I don’t really consider Vertigo and Memento murder mystery movies

  17. Personally I think Zodiac should've been number 1

  18. This video needs an update..since we have KNIVES OUT now

  19. Madeo is better than memories of murder.

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