Top 10 Movies Like JOHN WICK 2021 | Top 10 Movies To Watch After John Wick

Every John wick fan must watch this video for the top 10 movies like john wick, great action movies like john wick that will take you to the john wick universe once again and if you stepped in John wick universe then thrilling action and goosebumps are guaranteed.
Movies in today’s video are top 10 movies similar to john wick and top 10 movies to watch after john wick. So if you are a true John wick lover then you should not miss these great action movies like john wick

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  2. I've seen all these movies, but Baba Yaga is my favourite ❤️🔥

  3. Hitman and John wick.. Completely different..
    Hitman is silent assassin and John wick is boom bamb… Action

  4. भाईसाब,,,, रेड 2 देखो,,,,एक्शन इसे कहते है

  5. Aap hitman movie ko mention karna bhul gaye kamaal ki movie hai dono parts superb hai iske

  6. Bro isme se aadhe se jyada to movie dekh li hai maine the equalizer,the villianes,nobody etc…

  7. Wow amazing bro Nobody movie story is the Highly recommend interesting story My fab movie

  8. Acter baba yaga my fab is raid 2 lko uwais fight scenes ❤️

  9. Ive watched all of these movies in the past. But saying they are like John Wick is a total lack of respect for Mr Wick. What a waste of time

  10. None of these movies even cone close to John Wich. No Tears for the Dead was a disappointed. I watched it because this youtuber said its just like John Wick. It was rubbish. Had just one good action scene in it.And thats it. Rest of the movies was total rubbish. The Villainess I would recommend because it was the only movie I can say is abit similar to John Wick but not the action. But please get your info right

  11. i thought you'll mention raid redemption movie in this list.

  12. Dude keep it simple and hollywood

  13. Nobody x johnwick= 🔥🥵🥶🔥🔥🔥🔥

  14. I give u another baba yaga killer movie ….. POLAR

  15. Nobody movie awosam movie ha bahi…😍😍😍

  16. Amezing choice bro ….. appreciate it 🔥😍

  17. KGF the Rocky is like John Wick .

  18. Are bhi may japnese movie me kaise dekhu .ye movie sab kiu batara jab Hindi me available nahi he

  19. its not 'now here' but 'nowhere'

  20. Nobody hindi main available hai

  21. Bhai hindi wali movie bataya karo english m kya land dekhe ge sorry bro

  22. I really they make sequel to nobody

  23. The Man from no where is one of best movie

  24. Nobody better than johnwick 1

  25. I'm watching nobody today!!!! ❤✌

  26. the witch subversion part 1 is the best..🤩🤩

  27. Hindi maa jo dub hoi aasi movie doo jhon wick jasi

  28. Bhai badiya kaam kiya aapne
    But Hindi version dhundho please

  29. Raid 1 and 2 is also a good action movie

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