Top 10 Most Realistic War Movies According to Military Veterans

Top 10 Realistic War Movies
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War movies are not always accurate. Hollywood is known to take some liberties here and there, all for the sake of selling tickets. But which war movies depict life as a soldier most accurately? To answer such a question, it’s best to look to the voice of experience. Military vets have weighed in with their opinions in an effort to find out which war flicks are the most true to life. The following are the top ten most realistic war films, according to our uniformed heroes.

00:31 #10 – Jarhead
01:04 #9 – Lone Survivor
01:31 #8 – Black Hawk Down
01:48 #7 – Full Metal Jacket
02:11 #6 – Stalingrad
02:36 #5 – Saving Private Ryan
03:01 #4 – Come and See
03:21 #3 – Band of Brothers
03:42 #2 – Generation Kill
04:05 #1 – Watch and find out!

Is there a film that you think should have made the cut? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. i'm sorry but half those films are unrealistic lmao

  2. Not Hollywood but the real thing, my documentary about the attraction of war, with Michael Herr's last interview–n9Mw-yA

  3. My dad who was in Vietnam said the basic training part of the movie nailed it but the second half was non sense. Although he was next to the DMZ in 70-71 and not at Tet

  4. Yeah. Just get rid of Private Ryan. The whole story, besides being fake, would never have happened. The simple solution was that they would’ve, in a real world scenario, just gone down the pipe line asking everyone where he was through the chain of command. A simple radio would’ve done the trick. That foot soldier ordeal never would’ve happened.
    Also, I know it’s not popular, but “Unknown Soldier” is a rather brilliant Finnish film. It should’ve been up there considering the fact that it was filmed, acted and directed by an all Finnish film company. That means every one of them was a veteran. They did an excellent job recreating the horrific nightmares of WW2. The trigger control, scenery, and even the tanks were all perfectly executed.

  5. Come and see freaked me out

  6. Most realistic… kill a Tank with a sock … lol

  7. This is a good representation of war movies to date. I was in the Marine Corps from 1996 – 2000. I haven’t seen Restrepo but I completely agree with Generation Kill being where it is. Although I never saw combat, it completely captures the spirit of the Corps. I showed it to my wife while we were still dating and pointed out every single accuracy in it, both good and not so good. Another couple of movies that deserve to be there are Saving Pvt Ryan and Full Metal Jacket. My unit went to see S.P.R. when it hit the theaters and it was so raw and completely what the Marine Corps trains to do that I was white knuckling the hand rails of the chair I was sitting in. There were liberties taken in the movie but it is a very accurate movie along with F.M.J. In the Boot Camp scene it is about the most accurate movie out there. The DI actually was a DI and drew from what was in his head. Another person said Platoon belonged in this list. I believe that as well. The movie Wind Talkers is another one that accurately represents the history of the Marine Corps in WWII. I became a member of the descendant unit of JASCO (Joint Assault Signal Co). I was assigned to 1st ANGLICO (Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Co). It has the same mission. The movie again is accurate. Of course there were liberties taken, it’s a Hollywood movie but almost everything about it is accurate. There are others and I could go on but this is a good representation for the general public to get a feel for the military. Great job!

  8. Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughter house 5…. through the eye's of one who lived it

  9. Disagree with the list totally.
    Would rank Saving Private Ryan closer to number 1 and this list completely left out Hamburger Hill that was said to have been the most accurate and authentic war picture about the war in NAM.

  10. I would have added 1969's Battle of Britain! It has authentic aircraft from the period which present day film can't do because of cost and the rarity of WWII aircraft these days. Everything in films these days is mostly CGI. This film does an outstanding job of recreating the German aerial campaign against England in the summer of 1940. It is still one of my favorite WWII films.

  11. I still say "Slaughterhouse 5" is the best book about the nature of war. But it's impossible to make that into a movie.

    Restrepo is a doc, not a movie. But focusing on just movies, perhaps "Thin Red Line". It seems to be the closest to the reality of it all without all of the hero worship garbage that I have ever seen.

  12. To this amazing list I would add “Das Boot” for a realistic portrayal of WW2 submarine warfare, from the German perspective.

  13. I cannot believe that we were soldiers has been left out if that did not show the intensity the devastation in the inhumanity of War what does Mel Gibson's greatest movie

  14. "The Captain", (Der Kaufman) is a contemporary German B&W film with subtitles. Its about a 20 y/o deserter from the German army who comes across an abandoned truck containing a Nazi officers uniform. It's loosely based on a a true story and doesn't doesn't belong on this list. Nevertheless, its an extremely well done thriller but also a satire. If you like WW2 movies, treat yourself to this one. I absolutely loved it.

  15. I think Platoon should be part of this list.

  16. If you liked Blackhawk Down, you should watch a Korean movie called Escape From Mogadishu. It tells a similar story from the Korean Embassador’s point of view.

  17. "Come and See" is so far beyond the rest on this list that there is simply no comparison. It's one of the VERY few truly 'anti-war' films to ever exist. The rest are simply war films, drama's.

  18. I read the book that the “Black Hawk Down” movie was based upon. The movie was extremely true to it.

  19. You did not even touch the Vietnam conflict! "We Were Soldiers Once… and Young" "The Boys in Company C" "Casualties of War" "Hamburger Hill" The Deer hunter" Casualties of War" What about the TV series Tour of Duty and China Beach?

  20. I love your channel keep up the great stuff!!!

  21. I remember seeing Saving Private Ryan at the cinema. the opening scene was numbing to watch. You felt exhausted by it as it affected you in a way you don't get from your TV screen.
    The prelude to the final battle where everyone is in position, you can hear the armour approaching & see the ground shake. the anticipation in the cinema was unlike anything I've experienced as you felt the tank was going to come through the wall at any second. I've heard armour manoeuvring at night (on Salisbury Plain) and it can be quite unnerving and they got that sound design just right.
    I'm so glad I saw that film for the first time at the cinema.

  22. Congrats on a 4.5 min, top 10 rundown of anything.

  23. Saving Private Ryan had that realism,but i thought Matt Damon's acting skills were lacking a realistic reaction along with the emotions one would expect when finding out all of his brothers were dead. the action was great. Band of Brothers is a favorite play it again series for me.

  24. Surprised the pacific was not in the list

  25. It's obviously Stephen Spielberg's "Saving Private Ryan" from 1998.

  26. Chaps and lasses, Saving Private Ryan is a fictional story.

  27. The follow up to Band of Brothers, The Pacific is even better that BOB. The list is incomplete, for sure.

  28. The Red Badge of Courage has always been a very realistic war movie.

  29. I served 2 tours in Vietnam. “Go Tell The Spartans” should have been on this list.

  30. Restrepo isn’t a “realistic” war movie, it IS a war put into a movie.

  31. The Pacific didn’t make the list? It was up to par with Band of Brothers

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