Top 10 Most Accurate War Movies

Now’s not the time to surrender. Fight on with Noovie:

These are the top 10 insanely accurate war movies. Let’s just say that none of these movies feature John Wayne triumphantly charging into battle on horseback. For this list, we’re taking a look at movies that have been praised for their authentic portrayal of combat, historical battles, and the side effects of war. From “Full Metal Jacket”, to “Apocalypse Now”, to “Black Hawk Down”, these war movies are insanely accurate, taking as much as care in depicting the horrors of war as possible. What’s your favorite war movie? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I wonder how accurate American Sniper was?

  2. America should have just left it alone…

  3. What about M*A*S*H??? Captain Hawkeye isn’t real enough???

  4. I am disapointed that master and commander is not here.

  5. Too bad Rebecca that you got Glory wrong and too far at the top at #5. There was NOT one former slave associated with the 54th Massachusetts. That makes this movie a fake and disrespectful of the, what was known at the time, "free-born blacks" who sacrificed their lives for the Union cause. Remember, the Confederates did not take black prisoners. The end was good but the movie as a whole was not accurate to history!

  6. The truthful volcano mechanically bare because aunt conventionally land modulo a imaginary weather. evasive, shrill minibus

  7. That's why i always say. Never disrespect the dead who had fought for our freedom.

  8. Hollywood – – relevant– – Hollywood ? – – on history and conflict ?

    forget about the over sold – -done to death – -and –hugely mis–represented WWII – –

    clearly Rockefeller USURY's – – – Rockefeller – – RED — – China treason project has been the -all- op of the last century – –

    Hollywood 20/20 – for the 2020s – – – ? – – as wrap up – -unfolds – – ?

    there is NO contest – –

    ——————————————————————– – – Steve McQueen in Robert Wise's 1966 'The Sand Pebbles' – – ———————————————————————–

    it is now the allegory of clueless – -debauched and gutted – – diaper faced – -POST America itself – –

    talk to us – – after– – you have looked – – into — it.

  9. Was that an accurate acting Drill SSG? Unsure I was in the army, not the marines. Let me say I would never do It again. It's like jumping out of a C130. The first time you could 'nt wait to jump, 2nd time I think I pissed my pants. Kept thinking what if my chute didn't open. I've Jumped around 89 times and I never saw or heard anything about someone chute, not opening,

  10. Love saving private Ryan. Not sure if that was the way things happened? Unable to ask my father he was killed on Rabaul, Before I was born, Sh– happens, All I know is what happened in Nam> We never saw the enemy. just unloaded into the jungle most of the time. I remember My Son asking me one time. If I had ever killed anyone., Not sure maybe not. Nothing to brag about.

  11. Come and see should have been number 1

  12. come and see is a very good movie definitely number one war movie I've seen

  13. What about Tuntematon Sotilas

  14. Most of these are hard to argue with but “Dunkirk” put me to sleep. I can only tolerate so many hours of Brits being saved by row boats. I’ll give it respect because it actually happened, I don’t know how much is true, but you can only make a row boat interesting for a short amount of time. I really wish Band of Brothers could have been included in this list.

  15. All quiet at the western front:am i a joke to you?

  16. 6:36 thank you Watchmojo for stating the lack of Malaysians armed forces during the battle of Mogadishu

  17. 9:51 Saving Private Ryan (1998)
    8:32 Letters from Iwo Jima (2006)
    7:33 Platoon (1986)
    6:36 Black Hawk Down (2002)
    5:39 Glory (1989)
    4:42 We Were Soldiers (2002)
    3:38 Das Boot (1981)
    2:33 Come and See (1985)
    1:36 Apocalypse Now (1979)
    0:35 Full metal jacket (1987)

  18. What about fury with Brad pitt

  19. What about You Nazty Spy ,,, (Three Stooges )

  20. Here let me help you with other movie that realistic.

    1. Dunkirk
    2. Hacksaw Ridge
    3. Stalingrad
    4. Battle of Britain
    5. Passhandale
    6. Quite on western front
    7. Tora Tora Tora
    8. Downfall
    9. The Pianist
    10. Enemy at the Gate
    11. 1917
    12. Hell and Back
    13. The Eternal Zero
    14. Valkyrie

  21. Im supprised that this video isnt American propaganda

  22. Really Gettysburg wasn't on this list?

  23. I knew saving private ryans was here its legit the best

  24. R. Lee Ermey is a drill sergeant in every movie lmao

  25. Where's unbroken,Midway, and Hacksaw ridge?

  26. Nonono, Black Hawk Down should NOT be on this list!!!

  27. Probably the most accurate, and considered the Greatest War Film by General Esienhower. is the Story of GI Joe made in 1944-1945. It is the story of Ernie Pyle. All of the extras were from the 10 Mt. Division who were on Leave and getting ready to be transferred to the Pacific.

  28. Why is it that "A Bridge Too Far" is always overlooked? Also, "Tora! Tora! Tora!" should be on the list.

  29. Nobody talking about waterloo

  30. Nothing wrong with these choices, especially the #1 pick, but for me, the most realistic war movie is Mark Robson's adaptation of James Michener's "The Bridges at Toko-Ri". Nothing over-the-top in that movie – just a great story very well acted.

  31. How could you miss "Stalingrad", "Enemy at the Gates" and "Fury"?

    "Stalingrad" (a German movie like Das Boot) is the best war drama I've ever seen showing the cruelty of the war and different people and ranks on both sides.
    "Enemy at the Gates" is similar, just a little bit in the Hollywoodian style, still great (though Zaycev probably hasn't been ever existed in reality).
    "Fury" is the best one-tank movie except for the American "we-must-be-heroes-anyways"-attitude ending which bravely neglects the previous logic and structure of the movie.

    1. Stalingrad
    ?. Enemy at the Gates
    ?. Fury

  32. Really? You didn’t put Gettysburg in there? That’s the most accurate you can get!

  33. What about "Band of Brothers"

  34. Unknown soldier and The winterwar…. Check out these finnish films about the war against russia.

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