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War movies have been around since the beginning of cinema, some of them are the best movies of all time. Here is out list of the top 10 Modern Warfare movies. We’ve seen a lot of good movies about Modern Warfare but these are the best of the best. With the upcoming release of the movie 12 strong. We wanted to cover our picks for the best war movies depicting modern warfare.

Everything on this movie list is about fictional or real events that take place from the 19802 to present day. During this time, some of the best directors working today have created amazing war movies. Clint Eastwood directed American Sniper, and Ridley Scott directed Black Hawk Down which is our number one modern war movie. We really believe realism is key to a good war movie so most of the picks on this list earned their placement based on whether or not they were realistic war movies.

10. Tears of the Sun
9. Behind Enemy Lines
8. Three Kings
7. Act of Valor
6. American Sniper
5. Restrepo
4. Jarhead
3. The Hurt Locker
2. Lone Survivor
1. Black Hawk Down

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  1. 3 Kings? The Hurt Locker? 🤦‍♂️

  2. why is no one talking about the outpost

  3. The hurt locker was such a fake movie….. it doesn't deserve a spot on this list at all

  4. Top 10 American Imperialist propaganda movies.

  5. Three Kings and Hurt Locker should not be on this list. 13 Hours should.

  6. Tears of the sun didn't lack blood and gore, what it had was too much cheap shooting and explosions. If they turned it down a notch or five the movie would have been taken much more seriously and would now be a classic.

  7. Jarhead shouldn't be as high as it is

  8. Behind Enemy Lines was a horrible movie – dreadful, crap, etc….

  9. i think hacksaw ridge should be in this list around number 5

  10. Lone survivor is as much fiction as Behind Enemy Line's.

    The film changes far too much from the book and there's plenty of exaggeration. The real story of Lone Survivor is far more compelling and far less dramatized than the film.

    The person on whom Behind Enemy Line's is based sued the production for using his story inaccurately without his consent.

  11. I like watching war movies. thanks for the list. please do more.

  12. Red dawn is a really good movie !

  13. my fav would be the outpost (2020)

  14. Are there any other movie like Lone survivor ? A little squad that have to survive etc . I would like to know !

  15. me finishing cod mw story mode

    10 min later

    Youtube searching for movies like cod mw

  16. Black hawk down
    Heart locker
    Is best

  17. Black hawk not true story

  18. jarhead is just a training movie? not so good man

  19. No saving private Ryan I mean I do believe it is literally #1 in any war movie list and 13 hours is a badass movie

  20. Black hawak down is the all time best modern war movie

  21. 13 hours not included?? This list is whacked

  22. Men’s of Valor is better than most movies you name afterwards to me 🇺🇸

  23. LOOne survivor A TRUE STORY??? lol

  24. As soon as I saw the video title and clicked it I was bro I’m calling it now black hawk down is 1

  25. How is 13 hours not on this list is beyond me..

  26. Black hawk down is by far my favorite im glad it made number one in your mind. I love lone survivor and saving private ryan

  27. Jarhead wtf weak should be the last one

  28. Black Hawk down was a true story. Salute!

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