Top 10 Martial Arts Movies of the Century (So Far)

Check out our featured song: “You Know It” by Cee!

The 21st Century has been a great time for fans of martial arts cinema. For this list, we’ll be looking at the very best martial arts action movies to come out since the year 2000. Our countdown includes “Ip Man”, “The Protector”, “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, and more! Did YOUR favorite martial arts movie make the list? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. What's your top martial arts movie of the last 20 years? – And Check out our featured song: "You Know It" by Cee!

  2. Yo where is undisputed 3 ? It's one of the best martial arts movie so far

  3. Wish I was a martial arts 🥋 master

  4. Cool video dude, i had a great time watching this video and have a good day everybody :]

  5. yeesh I thought The Protector was awful, had to stop watching 30-45 mins in

  6. For me is only Jet Li Jackie Chan Donnie Yen

  7. True Legend, it changes my life..

  8. I like the sage & wushu God from the movie Tru legend. (Beggar Su Origin)..

  9. really surprised, not to mention about TaiChi

  10. The Undisputed series & Never Back Down series both deserve a spot

  11. One of the absolute best WatchMojo lists!

  12. I dont like crouching tiger.. cow yun fat not ideal to be a martial artis, he fits as a gambler…

  13. Hero and fearless both deserved to be higher both are incredible films

  14. How do we not have a single Jackie Chan film in this list. At least Drunken Master or something.

  15. Wrath of vajra deserves at least a mention

  16. tony jaa is a badass bone breaker

  17. Kung Fu hustle reminds me of childhood 😍😹

  18. I also like shaolin 2009 and the wrath of vajra 2013

  19. Switch The Raid with Crouching Tiger and the list would have been perfect. The Raid 2 deserved at least an honorable mention.

  20. "True Lies" should entry in your list…

  21. No Bruce Leeroy on here
    No Vandamme
    No Steven Seagull
    Where's Jackie Chan?
    Brad Pitt beat up Bruce Lee


  22. ongbak & tom yum goong is phenomenal all over the world. it inspired many martial artists and actors. it is nonsense to put them on the below of the list. you should make s separate rank for real action and fantasy martial arts

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