Top 10 Martial Arts Movie Fights

No matter how many weapons you have in your arsenal, you cannot ever forget about your fists. From Donnie Yen to Bruce Lee, we’ve compiled a list of the best martial arts fight scenes from movies that will surely give you an adrenaline rush
This list is just my opinion so feel free to let me know about your thoughts in the comment section below.
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  2. No the matrix 🤔

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  5. Listen runts I know wushu when I get done with you you wushu never met me chumps

  6. Tony Jaa Ong Bak fight scene!

  7. you cant blame him that he had to left some great fights outside this list..but for me the raid 2 kitchen fight, the ong bank 2 village fight and jakie chans legend of drunken master epic final battle(talking about adaptation? check it out how jakie study his oppenents legs) would easily have made it to top 5

  8. God why do people feel the need to talk over the fight scenes. Thanks for interrupting the entire fight AND spoiling. Actually not needed we didn't click on the title wanting info on each fight. Give us the fight pls.

  9. Forgot jet li vs jet li in the one

  10. Bruce lee vs chuck norris ? Not top 1 ? …

  11. if bruce vs chuck and bruce's battle with the guards is not in this list then you must be out of your tree.

  12. Nearly broke it? He fucking snapped from the pelvis that guy is never going to walk right again

  13. Protector is insanely underrated.

  14. You don’t have a childhood if you didn’t imagine yourself in one of these scenes

  15. Tony was one of my favourites thought there would be more comments about his fights 🤔

  16. Man you talk to much really you don't need to talk at all can't even enjoy the fights!!!

  17. Nice, great synopsis on all movies

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