Top 10 Japanese War Movies

Check out this list of Top Ten war movies from the Japanese perspective in the 21st century. With this list, I’ve tried to include a broad selection of time ranges, settings, and military branches (Navy, Army, Air Force).

Top 10 Russian Movies of 21st century:

Top 10 Japanese anime:

Top 10 Korean war movies :

Best Tank War movies :

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  1. Good list but terrible voice …

  2. I'm not really a fan of military movies because I prefer first person shooters

  3. I also recommend The Human Condition trilogy. one of my favorites

  4. Interesting ,best wishes from the wirral..E

  5. nice list but its hard to understand the narration

  6. Where can I watch Oba the last samurai

  7. Really great and useful list! 🙂

  8. grave of the fireflies ❤️

  9. This list is actually pretty good compared to some of the lists made by very popular chanels.

  10. Thanks, I am wondered I have missed all of these

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