Top 10 Iraq War Movies and TV Series

Top 10 Iraq War Movies And TV Shows
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The Iraq war was has been a monumental part of American history, and these movies and TV shows captured many aspects of the conflict! WatchMojo presents the Top 10 Movies and TV Shows that Capture the Iraq War! But what will take the top spot on this list? Will it be American Sniper, The Messenger, or The Hurt Locker? Watch to find out!

#10. “In the Valley of Elah” (2007)
#9. “StopLoss” (2008)
#8. “The Wall” (2017)
#7. “Turtles Can Fly” (2004)
#6. “Fair Game” (2010)
#5. “Green Zone” (2010)
#4. “Generation Kill” (2008)
#3, #2, #1 ?

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  1. The best documentary I have ever seen is "Only the dead have seen the end of war" This movie will shake you to your core…ALL REAL FOOTAGE! RIVETING!

  2. How many of these movies out there tearing the image of iraq and it history making it all about war can America stop using the suffering of iraqi people into it movies and making America the good guy do Americans even know anything about iraq other then war

  3. … the subject must clarify that all are AMERICAN films and SELF-INDULGENT also… if you take 2012 spanish movie "Invaders" or 2007 british one "Battle for Haditha", you'll see what most of the rest of the world actually think about americans armed forces working

  4. Films made about war crimes the people who fought in that war are all criminals

  5. 6:17 the alpha before zombie apocalypse…

  6. American sniper should be number1 because there is a book and two action figures of 2 of the characters Chris Kyle and Marc Lee

  7. Hurt Locker is terrible!

  8. for people who think iraq is that bad
    It's actually 🙂
    I'm iraqian and i rather die more than i be an iraqian

  9. 1 invade country
    2 make movie
    3 repeat

  10. Mosul is the best movie so far

  11. yo if u see this comment please tell me if u know about the movie i am talking to and tell me if u know. i have watched it like years ago but i forgot its name it was the best and i want to watch it again it was for about 5 soliders who meet on a wedding i think and then go to iraq or somewhere and fight and only one returns after walking for so long and the helicopter sees him in the mountains sorry cant descripe it too good

  12. Are you kidding me? 😀 The Wall with John Cena is lame. They are just laying 1 hour on a ground waiting for bullshit happening lol

  13. What a president American had to kill one person made a big war many Americans solders died , but what about the people in Iraq how many of them died let's see Iran war , Gulf War , Iraq war just to get the oil , then when Basra the half exploded, Baghdad , musel do you know that iraqi doctors in Europe more than two millions and our population just thirty million today why because after 2003 the lucky one who get away of Iraq

  14. 'American Sniper' was outed as bogus – -from the start.

    Meanwhile – -back in the I REAL light – – –
    ————————————- – – as Rockefeller USURY 'wraps up' its seven decades on the go – –
    ————————————————————— – – cheap labor – technocracy – -and ==final– EUGENICS – – –
    ————————————————————————————————————————— – — RED– – China – -'transfer treason' project – – UH ? ? ?
    where has Korea era Eastwood been on the -still– Rockefeller -RED- China treason -key– – 'Korean' War ? ? ?

  15. اريد اطلع مو انزرب بينة

  16. Hey I am looking for a film that is set in the Middle East and in which the soldiers are supposed to fetch gold, someone can tell me what the film is called

  17. See how much we made nightmares to americans long live iraq 🇮🇶🇮🇶😎😎😎

  18. America hates Iraq and wants its destruction

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