Top 10 Iraq War Movies and TV Series

Top 10 Iraq War Movies And TV Shows
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The Iraq war was has been a monumental part of American history, and these movies and TV shows captured many aspects of the conflict! WatchMojo presents the Top 10 Movies and TV Shows that Capture the Iraq War! But what will take the top spot on this list? Will it be American Sniper, The Messenger, or The Hurt Locker? Watch to find out!

#10. “In the Valley of Elah” (2007)
#9. “StopLoss” (2008)
#8. “The Wall” (2017)
#7. “Turtles Can Fly” (2004)
#6. “Fair Game” (2010)
#5. “Green Zone” (2010)
#4. “Generation Kill” (2008)
#3, #2, #1 ?

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  1. كيف خسرت امريكا 500,000 ألف جندي
    مئية ألف جندي قتل في العراق معارك 2003 خسرت من الجيش العراقي عشرة الف جندي وخسر من جيش المهدي عجل الله فرجه الشريف.عشرات الألوف وهو ومن عصائب اهل الحق خسرت عشرات الآلاف ومن حزب الله خسرت آلاف ومن فصيل الراشدين خسرت الألاف ومن المقاومة الإسلامية خسرت كذالك الآلاف أما مقاومة المدن(المناطق) مثل معركة الفلوجة وهي أكبر خسارة في تاريخ الجيش الأمريكي في العراق بأيام انتصرت الفلوجة وخسر المحتل الألاف وبعض المناطق كلها عشرات الآلاف وبعض أما بالنسبة للمقاومة الفردية اكبر رجل عراقي قتل عدد كبير من الجيش الأمريكى هو قناص بغداد 674جندي أما الآخرون هو مدافعون عن أنفسهم وقناصين حصدو أرواحهم لذالك يكون مئية ألف جندي ضحية.
    الجرحى مئتين ألف جريح من الجيش الأمريك الحالةالاكبر هي الجندي المعاق والاحالى الأوسط هي في غيبوبة اؤ تشوهات من الحرب والحالة الأخير هي تعرضة لنزيف الدماء.
    مئتين ألف جندي امريك واجهة مشاكل نفسية وكوابيس من حرب العراق كان الجنود عند عوتدهم من العراق يستذكرون زملائم الذين ماتوا واستقبال عوائلهم كان لأمر صعباً وتبقى أعمالهم عالقة في أذهانهم مثل الجرائم التي ارتكبوها هناك مثل نظرات وردة الفعل والاصوات العراقية العالقة بيهم ويندمون ويتصرفون تصرفات غريبة مايجعل من حولهم يتركهم منهم من لجأ إلى الانت حار عدد الجنود الأمريكيين المنت حرين لايتجاوز عددهم المئة ألف جندي ومنهم ترك الخدمة العسكرية وتتدمرت حياتة ومنهم القية علية القبض لي يقع في السجن ومنهم عاشو مشردين hbn

  2. I love generation kill man

  3. Hollywood: "Let's show the American occupiers who was shooting women, children and civilians as heroes, and find false justifications for them."

  4. I was looking for movies about his wife in going somewhere accidentally his wife was in a terrorist area then his wife was the hostage, the husband is black men his like an ex cia like that he going to the place that his wife at and gonna talk to the head of the terroritst leader to let his wife go the wife has short hair

  5. Baghdad central should be number #1

  6. Hurt Locker is the worst movie on the list. There is so much in the movie that would never happen and things that aren't possible! As a combat vet I can honestly say this is the worst movie made about the Iraq war as far as realism is concerned. Dudes don't go on lone ops in the middle of the night and you can't pick up 155mm artillery shells that easily let alone 5 or 6 of them.

  7. Well, all these films and wars, and the victims of a million Iraqis and thousands of Americans, where is the weapon of mass destruction?

  8. Nr. 7 reminds me about the COD MW5 scene with farah and karim

  9. American Sniper was such a good movie. They don't make movies like that anymore

  10. The Wall was actually a really bad ass movie. Kind of a masterpiece.

  11. Which year Diwali was the crime committed ?

  12. What’s the movie on the photo cover ?

  13. American sniper but the ending will tear you apart in real

  14. New movie loading 'Taliban Takeover' 🙂

  15. Three Kings and Jarhead are absolute trash movies and every self respecting veteran will agree.

  16. I hope there is a "behind the scenes" middle eastern war

  17. I hope there is a "behind the scenes" middle eastern war

  18. All these movies are a lies like thier President bush
    They invaded our country and killed 2 million civilians bcs the bush lied about weapon of the mass destraction.
    The us army is a true terrorists they attacked our country killed our people as they killed 100 million native american then created movies about thier terrorists soliders showing them like a heroes

  19. The best documentary I have ever seen is "Only the dead have seen the end of war" This movie will shake you to your core…ALL REAL FOOTAGE! RIVETING!

  20. How many of these movies out there tearing the image of iraq and it history making it all about war can America stop using the suffering of iraqi people into it movies and making America the good guy do Americans even know anything about iraq other then war

  21. … the subject must clarify that all are AMERICAN films and SELF-INDULGENT also… if you take 2012 spanish movie "Invaders" or 2007 british one "Battle for Haditha", you'll see what most of the rest of the world actually think about americans armed forces working

  22. Films made about war crimes the people who fought in that war are all criminals

  23. 6:17 the alpha before zombie apocalypse…

  24. for people who think iraq is that bad
    It's actually 🙂
    I'm iraqian and i rather die more than i be an iraqian

  25. 1 invade country
    2 make movie
    3 repeat

  26. Mosul is the best movie so far

  27. yo if u see this comment please tell me if u know about the movie i am talking to and tell me if u know. i have watched it like years ago but i forgot its name it was the best and i want to watch it again it was for about 5 soliders who meet on a wedding i think and then go to iraq or somewhere and fight and only one returns after walking for so long and the helicopter sees him in the mountains sorry cant descripe it too good

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