Top 10 Greek Mythology Movies

If you want to see gods, heroes, and greek mythological creatures you should definitely watch our Top 10 picks for the best Greek mythology movies.


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Top 10 Greek Mythology Movies

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  1. Watching only on Netflix? We got you covered! 💥📢
    Watch our Top 5 Pick for Best Greek Mythology Movies on Netflix — ▶

  2. We should be ashamed of the representation we give to all the mythologies and history, so much good stories and yet all movies about this kind of stuff suck.

  3. There's NO Movie About Tantalus?????????

  4. Good list, BUT who is Ann-dro-medda?

  5. So tired to read the comments of these some bastards who always complaining about the movies about Greek mythologies as they think it's easy to write an accurate stories about them. Instead of appreciating the hard works of these writers you are here complaining and wants everything perfect. If you don't want or hate those movies or novels then go, write your story about them

  6. Hey I would like to know the you know that they can make any new Greek mythology movies in years before avengers we have not Gael Greek mythology movie what's going on with that

  7. Troy #1 O.o must be a joke right??????

  8. When there is not a single person in the world to call upon Allah, then Allah Almighty will destroy this world. That is, there will be doomsday or great deluge

  9. Alexandre movie must be in this list

  10. There should be a god of war movie

  11. Yes, Troy would be on the top for me.

  12. Thubnail women name or movie name

  13. What is the movie in the thumbnail?

  14. The only one I like is Jason and the Argonauts. I don't know why directors don't latch on to these great myths.

  15. I remember thinking that about Norse movies, then we got plenty, as well as many serries. Hope same things happen with Greek ones!

  16. I’m a huge fan of Greek Mythology films 🎥

  17. You are mispronouncing some very important names and titles.WTF ????

  18. where is the thumbnail scene? timestamp pls…

  19. The story of Homer's Odyssey is of Odysseus the Greek king of Ithaca, you said it's about Ulysses, that's the Roman adulteration of Greek Homer's poem.

  20. With all the mispronunciations and you get Thermopylae correct??

  21. What is the movie in the thumbnail?

  22. 300 Spartans are not Mythology….

  23. Ancient World Spoke Albanian 🇦🇱

    Pelasgians = Prej Ylli Gjindtë = People From The Star
    Illyria = Yll Rri = Star Dwellers
    Albania = Yll Banorë = Star Dwellers

  24. Greece never existed.
    Greece comes from Graeculus = 🇦🇱 Gratë e Yllit 🇦🇱 = Women Of The Star
    Graeculus was a small Illyrian tribe in Epirus, with witches who worshipped the Stars.

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