Top 10 Drama Movies of 2020

If you want know the best drama movies you should definitely watch our picks for the best drama movies of 2020. All dramatic films in this ranking were released in 2020.

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Movies in this Ranking:
10. The Devil All the Time (2020): (00:29)
9. The Father (2020): (01:28)
8. Uncle Frank (2020): (02:19)
7. Minari (2020): (03:15)
6. Nomadland (2020): (04:12)
5. Never Rarely Sometimes Always (2020): (05:10)
4. Mank (2020): (06:09)
3. The Banker (2020): (07:07)
2. The Trial of the Chicago 7 (2020): (08:04)
1. Another Round (2020): (09:55)

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  1. If you liked these suggestions, check out some of the films from Passion River. We have many great independent drama films as well as much more.

  2. devil all the time should number 1
    It’s a great thriller movie
    I loved everything about it except “nudity” 🤮

  3. Nomadland was my favourite

  4. 16:15 You are so beautiful that you give the sun a reason to shine.

  5. How the fuck did the king of staten island not make the list? This shits ridiculous

  6. Nomadland is the most boring film ever..

  7. It's been great movies year.

  8. Watching Netflix goes against my morals

  9. Arrival is a good film check it out

  10. best drama The miracle in the 7th ward

  11. Wow. I´m really surprised "another Round" made it to first place

  12. Pls include
    Palmer:(actor)Justin Timberlake
    Its amazing story

  13. very very great list I like it a lot the devil all the time is one of the very best movies ever with a great cast too

  14. Top 20 telugu dubbed hollywood movies all time

  15. The Trial Of The Chicago 7
    The Way Back
    Let Him Go

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