Top 10 Comedy Movies That Were Way Better Than We Expected

The funniest movies often take us completely by surprise. For this list, we’ll be looking at comedy films that exceeded expectations in terms of quality, box office success, or cultural impact. Our countdown includes “21 Jump Street”, “The 40 Year-Old Virgin”, “Mean Girls”, and more! Did YOUR favorite comedy movie make the list? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Which comedy pleasantly surprised you the most?

  2. Its been 7 years from 22 jump street but still we haven't got 23 jump street

  3. as somebody fat why are the fat people in horror movies and zombie movies killed of first all the time? i feel in danger 😳

  4. For me its was Spiderman into the Spider-Verse

  5. I’m pissed off that Wayne’s world wasn’t on here

  6. "Drillbit Taylor" and "Hangover" isn't here??

  7. Quick question…where the hell is hangover in this list??

  8. Thank you come again 🖕

  9. you know what i seriously doing right now ,paused this video and reading the comments and watching the trailer ppl recommended and then going to my amzon prime to watch those movies and some are not there and what is available are asking for money , w t freak ,first i paid for the subscription and then paying extra for that movie ,hell no !!! so basically i am just end up watching the movie trailers right now instead of the movie !!!

  10. Jumanj welcome to the jungle

  11. It’s good because of steave carrell

  12. jumanji and spy was boring to me.

  13. for me, "parent trap" is the best comedy movie ever because it has a really good storyline or plot, and i still couldn't find a comedy movie better than parent trap until today

  14. I am loving these KGF ads😍❤️🔥

  15. BTW, The "sequel" to Jumanji" :"Welcome to the jungle" Is SOOO HORIFFICALLY BAD…
    and just flat -out terrible, …it's hard to put it into words. I know the reviewers are paid to give this horrible movei some positive review but seriously it is is one of the WORST movies I have ever seen in my life….

  16. I think that Borat, Shaun of the dead and Superbad should all be here.

  17. Think superbad, shaun of the dead and borat should all be here

  18. Fish Fight should be in the list🤔

  19. My top 5 :
    No 5: U dont mess with zohan
    No 4:The Dictator
    No 3: rush hour 1,2 &3
    No 2: The Hangover 1, 2,3
    No 1: Borat

  20. I really liked Lindsay Lohan with the red hair & not skinny.

  21. Where the fuck is Austin Powers

  22. It's a nice collection, thanks!

  23. Loved Napoleon Dynamite.
    Never knew about the budget though

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