Top 10 best thrillers 2021

Top 10 best thrillers 2021

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  1. Please someone help me find the name of a movie I seen an ad for a while ago and can’t remember the name of. So it was like this guy scruffy with a beard but tough they are in some sort of prison and they are given an opportunity to try to escape but there are people that will kill him and if they can get through them they can leave! I know that’s vague but man I can’t find it

  2. The Mauritanian was so good.



  4. can you tell me background music in opening ??

  5. I wish I'd never watched girl in the basement 😩😩😩 traumatized for life

  6. Thank you because of you I saw way down ( thank you guys for amazing job )

  7. I enjoy your videos and your beautiful accent voice! 🙂

  8. Just love your movie suggestions ! My kinda movies. I call these type of movies "sleepers". Far better & more exciting than what's playing currently in theaters! Please keep ur suggestions coming! Thanks!

  9. Eric Bana 🌹🖤💙❤💘🖤💙❤

  10. I care a lot…5 stars. I loved it

  11. I did not like Little things.

  12. Fear of rain is great compared to late movies, even though it has a small budget but I really enjoyed it

  13. How am i supposed to not expect too much from "The fear of rain"? Not only i love low budget movies but it also has an amzing plot!

  14. "Genres" is pronounced as "Sean-res" it is from origin a French word.

  15. 6.9 5.9 what the fuck is that , i want more than 8.00 movie like alfred hitchcock , stanley kubrick , quentin tarantino type

  16. Hands down the best reviews I’ve seen. Thank you very much 👍🏽

  17. Wow.. I was surprised to see what Gary Oldman looks like now having just watch him in "Sid and Nancy" from 86'. I hate time

  18. I loved this video… please keep up the good work. 🙂

  19. Thanks for the list….the mauritanian is a good film indeed and is based on a true story

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