Top 10 best crime thriller movies

Top 10 best crime thriller movies

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  2. at the last : twin peaks theme

  3. Hi Nice thriller movies list. But try to mention in which OTT platform movies are streaming.

  4. This voice over is awful. Find someone who can read and speak English or better yet try to find another way to make money.

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  6. All great. Check out "Tell No One"…amazing movie.

  7. Korean thrillers are absolutely top class! Here's a few I highly recommend…

    I Saw the Devil
    Yellow Sea
    The Chaser
    A Hard Day
    The Cop The Gangster and The Devil
    Memories of Murder
    New World
    Memoirs of a Murderer
    A Dirty Carnival
    The Man from Nowhere
    Train to Busan
    Kingdom – Netflix Series
    Drug War – Chinese
    The Witch: Part 1 The Subversion
    The Handmaiden
    Time to Hunt
    A Tale of Two Sisters
    The Wailing

    Give them a go, you won't be disappointed!

  8. You have to tell the story, not to read.

  9. 10. Edge of Darkness (2010)

    9. Imperium (2016)

    8. The Drop (2014)

    7. Trash (2014)

    6. Harry Brown (2009)

    5. London Boulevard (2010)

    4. Alpha Dog (2005)

    3. Snitch (2012)

    2. Collateral (2004)

    1. Training Day (2001)

  10. Prisoners
    Mystic river
    No country for old men
    City of God
    Just a few missed here

  11. There are better movies than this list

  12. sry but thats maybe the baddest list ever

  13. Watch Ratsasan best movie 🔥

  14. in which OTT platform not mentioned. there is no use. have to mention OTT platform name

  15. Jamaican dread giving a shout out 8763767881

  16. We have the same taste… I love your work ♥ ! Great job !

  17. My favourite is memories of murder and zodiac

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