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The Yank – Shot on location in Cleveland, Dublin and County Clare, Ireland, “The Yank” is a farcical satire on Irish America and it’s “paddywhackery.” It’s the story of Tom Murphy, a middle-aged Cleveland bachelor whose view of Ireland comes from The Quiet Man, starring John Wayne. He also tends to let the expectations of his family get in the way of finding true love. So when his best friend, Marty, decides to get married in Ireland, Tom’s family and friends send him off on a side splitting epic adventure. Tom does not know it yet, but he’s about to come face to face with the real Ireland.
2014: Stars: Colm Meaney, Fred Willard, Kevin P. Farley
**Under license from Vision Films Inc. All rights reserved**

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  1. 47:50 that's my wife! @tayirishdancer

  2. OK I'm only at the start, but at this point, being Irish, this hurts my soul to watch😂

  3. Very stupid movie. So stupid it made my brain hurt. So stupid I thought I was going to have a stroke. A total waste of time.

  4. Those Irish…
    Proud of their Guinness….
    Owned and brewed by Heineken.
    And Harp??? Vanished.

  5. Smell of farts surrounding this film

  6. "Have you been at the communion wine, again?" – I haven't heard that for years. 😂 Brilliant film, thanks! 😂

  7. excellent Movie,especially the portrayal of the Dublin a cent!!!!

  8. Living in the interior of British Columbia stoking wood stoves for cooking ,heating and hot water would have been certain deathl had we been split wood the size of a pork and bean tin can. That was the funniest part of the movies.
    Made me laugh.

  9. Ahappy find for a Sunday afternoon. Good stuff.

  10. How did they get Colm Meaney to star in this? It's not the worst film ever but it's pretty close

  11. what the hell was the budget for this film?

  12. "Don't breath in my air area " this line was helerious . 😂😂😂😂

  13. This was a beautiful movie. Very intertaining!

  14. Total copy of a movie made in 3 parts, can you guess what movie??

  15. I'm Irish and don't understand a lot of the jokes. Bernie is obviously American. The fake accents are painful.

  16. This was literally filmed on somebody's phone

  17. I literally dozed off….terrible jokes🙄

  18. That’s where I’m going if the commies take over America…

  19. who else reading comment with out watching the film

  20. bad acting or not..i thought it was a good love story..even though as soon as they met i knew how it ended…i liked it

  21. When the Dad takes him to see the "Irish gardens" SO funny! 19:24

  22. Wow! The guy who plays Uncle Anthony, totally looks like Peter Doyle! (Everybody loves Raymond's Dad)

  23. Are You Reading That Paper Your Sitting On.

  24. Guffaws? Laughs? I must be dead, I didn't even chuckle once. I want my hour and a half back.

  25. สวัสดีชาวโลก เรามาอย่างเป็นมิตร

  26. Although I’m a proud Greek , as Niki Spiridakos, I love 💖 Ireland 🇮🇪 and the Irish music !!
    Nice flick, but difficult to follow the way Irish people talk ! Quite heavy, but LOVE the accent !!

  27. hahahahaaa, this is down right stinkin' stupid funny! luvvvtt… "The holy Marty Flinkenfine" segment 8:05 … hhahaha

  28. Wasted 30 minutes before I had to stop. The only thing funny was the poorly written script and how people thought it was so good.

  29. Halfway to St.patrick's Day party. 😂😂. No seriously I'm gonna start celebrating that! God I love being Irish.

  30. Great movie! Finally a movie that made me laugh and not cry❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  31. Great film thank you for sharing

  32. Sevan 1995 please share me

  33. "…….somebody get her a giro….." cracked me up!

  34. His dad ALMOST looks like Liam Neeson……

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