The Wrath of Vajra

Former Shaolin monk and martial arts action star Xing Yu is Vajra, a child kidnapped and trained as an assassin during WWII. He escapes – and begins a quest to protect the innocent, and destroy those responsible for making him a living weapon.


  1. All that just to start….Damn!!! start the movie already😅😅😅

  2. Comments on "消災呪 (chorus ver.) 【MV】× 禅居庵 摩利支天堂・京都 / 薬師寺寛邦 キッサコ"
    Charles EAGLEHORSE
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    Charles EAGLEHORSE
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    [THE GREAT CIVIL WAR COMPROMISE OF 1865]:By-Proxy(By-Product)Instititution of these Y/Our United Nations Universal Declaration Of Human Rights>>>>
    And the U.S. Declaration Of Independence's Constitution Article's Bill Of Rights' XIIIth Amendment: Clause I; MUST, by all Congress become Strip-Whipp:D, Repeal:D…& ReDRESS:D tantamount/paramount before the RITE OF PASSAGE to Command- Traverse Above and Beyond the Solar-Systemic Crown:D Order of E~Denia

    EL AMEN~SELA'|H| !!!!!!

  3. Bad Azz Movie & Timing
    Saving Our Children
    & Brother Donald Has it
    All Finally Under Control !

  4. 5:00 awesome training scene. Loved watching this movie on Netflix. The story and fight scenes are amazing.

  5. that kick and head bounce thooo @39:25

  6. We will talk abt the 🎥 late am I the only one who saw that dude flip or bounce on his head?.😂😂😂😂😂 that’s when I would fight myself

  7. Insanely badass choreography. The amount of training was clearly epic.

  8. I rate this up there with Ip Man, House of Flying Daggers and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon as some of the best martial arts movies ever besides all the Shaw Brothers movies. Loved the 80s when you could go to a Saturday matinee and catch two for the price of one. Love ❤️ my kung fu. Lol 😂

  9. Lord already took care of the problem they tryin to bring block rejected denied defeated enimes ps107v20

  10. @57:29 now those are shoulder pads.

  11. damn nice movie thank you

  12. thanxz 4 postn –the 9 dotz

  13. Holy #### this was incredible. Its like the Indiana Jones and the temple of doom but with non stop martial arts. Loved it. This is my kind of film. Dark and scary and the hero destroys everyone in his path to resque those kids. Great action and a wild story. Recommend it very highly.

  14. One of the greatest movies ive seen ever

  15. They should make it in brail. I cant read fast.

  16. I wasn’t expecting this movie on YouTube 👍

  17. outstanding much better than expected. xie xie

  18. I wish he was an English I'm too tired to read right now

  19. I have my I've those movies since l was young in my country ( Haiti)


  21. Please let this movie be downloadable

  22. Best films that I can get the money

  23. great movie! some great kung fu not cheesy fake stuff lol

  24. Reminded me of part of Lee and part of another self made style of another actor but some of Notris all mixed in his style. Very impressive movie

  25. Good movie, I enjoyed all the fight scene !!

  26. Xing Yu is a powerful actor in this movie and any movie he acts in. I could see subtle shades of Bruce Lee in Vajra but Xing Yu has a style of acting that shows true character. Thanks You Tube Movies for bringing this movie to our attention. The production values are very strong in the making of this movie with a great supporting cast. Thanks again !

  27. This movie reminds me of tekken and street fighter game all in one better than the mortal kombat movie without the effects so please take notes all the game fighter game movies dammit!

  28. Can't stand this all Fake Movies,

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