THE WITCHER Season 2 Trailer (2021)

THE WITCHER Season 2 Trailer (2021) Henry Cavill
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  1. Really felt so sad for the series how poor and cliche are the story line.
    Very disappointed
    Its like they put all the efforts and budget on the first episode of first season only . Just to get little bit of more attention

  2. When The Witcher Season 2 trailer is better than that of Amazon's Lord Of The Rings.

  3. This show is a bit like GOT except we skipped directly to season 8, with as much black washing as possible and dumb down dialogue because that's how Netflix rolls. I don't get why anyone likes this garbage, if you want to discover the Witcher universe, do yourself a favor, read the books and play the games.

  4. I was hoping we'd see some more witcher's next season this is awesome can't wait for the next season to start

  5. Fleetfoxes and The Witcher are such an unexpected, but great match!

  6. Omg……..What a brillant man . Wow What a voice and what a beautiful loking man ……Henry Cavill 💋 ❤ 👠

  7. Imho Geralt should bathe at least once per show!

  8. Take my money already!!

    Lol! Yessah! Season two, strain three!! Maybe we'll get another temporary quarantine in time to binge watch this season.

  9. they wait far too long between seasons now. at this point I don't care about the show

  10. phck u where's Geralt x Jaskier

  11. I'm really disapointed by the number of time Geralt say "fuck" in the trailer. 😉

  12. Season 1 was epic no doubt season 2 will be top

  13. So season two is all about Gerald on parental leave?

  14. 2 years later… Damn wankers

  15. Is it me or are we going to see the Thanedd coup in season 2 already?

  16. I'll admit that I was really skeptical how well Cavill would do as Geralt, but the first season was really well done, so I'm actually looking forward to this.

  17. Omg the wait is finally coming to an end an I’m stupid excited lol

  18. ok, but where is yennefer? We want Yennefer =(

  19. now i like cirilla ,,YUMMY.

  20. Henry Cavill is going to be older than Geralt by the time this series wraps up.😄

  21. This shallow drama is brought to you by …

  22. "Lambert, Lambert, what a prick" Rivia, Geralt of.

  23. Can’t wait for next season

  24. superman returns..🔥🔥🔥

  25. Looks even worse than the first season. Is it possible?…

  26. They should've gotten a better looking actress to play Cirilla.

  27. where is the midgets that act like they are dwarves? hahah stupid show. cartoon version is ten times better.

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