The Wind Guardians | Full Film | 風語咒

Yes, we can’t see the wind,
but the turning of the pinwheel shows us the existence of the wind. Only someone like you, who do not depend on eyesight to perceive the world, can grasp the Wind Spell.


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  1. Kein Sound ??? Untertitelfunktion deaktiviert, was soll der scheiss, lösch den Scheissdreck


  3. Ang ganda ng movie na ito may aral kang matutunan Di lang siya animated lang, kundi meaning at may moral lesson na makukuha salute to the creator of this movie 😊🎉🎦

  4. The background music in the ending kinda hurts 💔

  5. This was cool but a little too silly and immature for my taste. I think the TV show is much better!

  6. 中国电影越来越好看了

  7. One of the few animations that I enjoyed. Highly Recommended💕

  8. Where did that narootos rasengan came from 😂

  9. Too bad the audio cuts in and out. Dont get the reason for this.

  10. it is quit amazing animated movie

    Any other suggestion like this


  11. I'm still waiting for season 2

  12. MB ch KB no Oct on hh🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️

  13. Kaya batta hai majha ayya hai 🔥❤️😭😂😂

  14. I love how lion king was involved

  15. 14:30 what happened to the sound? it cut off

  16. Can you post more movies like this 😭🥺its very emotional

  17. China and Japan are really really good at animations. Sadly China is not so good at branding themself. Just the fact that i needed to search and search in order to find this movie was insane. I hope chinese authorities start to put some money in branding their soft power. This is a great way of showing the culture and traditions, myths and stories. By the way there is a cut in the movie where the sounds is missing. Hope you can fix that.

  18. Hello from Sydney Australia this is an awesome movie Ive watched it mullions of times

  19. Lost sound , good movie need English version

  20. Trying to enjoy this movie but the gaps in no sound are very annoying😐

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