The Wedding Party (Full Movie) 2015, Romantic Comedy

Jim, a recently heartbroken groomsman is tasked with managing Paul and Margene’s wedding reception. With his former high school sweetheart, Alex, he must wrangle his unruly friends to maintain order. Stakes rise and cakes fall throughout an unforgettable evening of chaos, shot in real-time and captured in a single, continuous take.

Directed by Thane Economou
Starring Blake Lee, Allison Paige, Brian Thomas Smith

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  1. Dear Heavenly Father, I pray please save their souls and bring their souls to heaven. Amen

  2. I saw this movie years ago on like crackle or some shit. I was astounded by it. It is quite a feat.
    Would gladly own it if there is a physical version to be had.
    But randomly thought of it tonight and very happy to see it all right here at one click on the old YT

  3. Oh my Gosh what!
    is she not funny oh first female drunken one when she tried to make a speech laff lol omg she was fantastic five star actress actressdon't know her name yet but she's so darn funny must replay ….thanks for sharing this vid with us 👍🏼

  4. A parody I guess. Complete waste of time

  5. Don't waste your time watching this awful low class movie

  6. I read the comments before the movie..holly cow this movie is all about a wedding. I'm only two min in and I'm out

  7. I don't like this movie style at all

  8. Bad startin. The tone is very immature, low-class.

  9. I tried toughing through, but dear God this has been an hour of my life stolen which I cannot get back

  10. Yup so different…the older married woman ready for any young guy…clever idea! Stopped at that point!

  11. No big stars no problem good movie.

  12. 2015 and they say "i pronounce you MAN and wife?"

  13. It appears just about anything passes for content these days. After all, gotta make sure everyone's eating and drinking. Crap. Where did really good meaningful funny movies go. This is trash and horrible acting.

  14. "Did you just pulled off my actual real hair?" 1:39:44 😆😂. Was entertaining and not based on one of these usual love romance BS-story lines.
    The camera movement was somehow amazing.I guess it wasn't much worth anymore at the end of the filming: too much mileage ont it…. hope the camera guy is ok- if he had to carry it 😉

  15. The creativity to manage several things going on at the same frame is outstanding. Loved the movie

  16. Nice concept to just shoot straight through and to keep it real; but for viewing pleasure, I would have loved a tighter version.

  17. Wow that maid of honor sounded racist to me when she said "white out" 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️✌🏽❤️❤️

  18. Good acting and funnier than I expected….not an action film but a decent comedy. The seamless effect that results from shooting in one long take breaks down each dialogue-driven scene into separate vignettes. Thanks for this.

  19. A goofy ass movie about overly dramatic and emotionally immature people.

  20. Wow! Did not expect much, just filler one late evening. Intriguing camera work following the characters and blending one scene into another, then I realized there are no cuts. I had neglected to read the summary "shot in real-time and captured in a single, continuous take." The technique is more captivating than the content. I marveled at the crew and cast's ability to keep this pace for two hours without faltering. Went to imdb afterward to read the trivia section. The director must have identified with the wedding planner.

  21. This movie is perfect!
    That's a typical wedding.
    One character has that whole Audrey Hepburn thing going on.
    And the cameos and celebrities in the background are a treat.
    Of course most of the cast are their kids, nepotism 101.
    Love it❤️🎥🍿💖

  22. How is she pregnant when she was saying she was a virgin??

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