The War of Loong: The fiercest battle in Wanqing Era (Starring by Liu Peiqi, Cao Yunjin & Luo Yu)


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In 1885, the French army landed and invaded Liangshan, Vietnam, but the Qing army retreated without a fight. The Qing government’s dominance was severely threatened.

Empress Dowager Cixi summoned his ministers to discuss who to send in command, and finally decided to use Feng Zicai (Starring by Liu Peiqi), a retired veteran who was nearly 70 years old.

But at that time, the soldiers and civilians of Guangxi had been frightened by the cruelty of the French army, and had a serious fear of war. To motivate the military and civilians, Feng Zicai ambushed the North African mercenary who attacked the town of Klonglin, and captured the black captain Clark alive.
In order to invigorate his soldiers, he started a duel with Clark and defeated him with his sword.

Feng Zicai personally surveyed the terrain, built the pass, and led his army to ambush the cannonball carrier in Nigri, but unexpectedly fell into
Nigri’s trap, which led to heavy losses. Yinan was also captured by the French army. Fortunately, the Vietnamese woman Ruan Yue in the French army secretly released her and guided her to find the Black Flag Army general Liu Yongfu.

Enraged Nigri launched a full-scale attack on Pass Guanqian before bombs and reinforcements arrived. Feng Zicai took the lead in killing the enemy. The whole army was motivated and fought back with the French army…


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  1. 《龙之战》日语配音版:龍に秘めた魂
    | 映画の日本語版が放送されています :
    《龙之战》德语配音版:DRACHENKRIEG | The War of Loong :

    《龙之战》马来语配音版:PEPERANGAN NAGA | The War of Loong :

    《龙之战》泰语配音版:ร่วมผลิต มหาสงครามมังกร | The War of Loong :

    《龙之战》中文/原始版本:卸甲归田的老将挺身而出 与法军上演一场白刃格斗 :

  2. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  3. The only good China communist is a Death one. The china communist party kill more poeple than all wars combine. how silly.

  4. The general and the commanders are real role models!

  5. It time for us Asian put foots in Europe and conquer them 2022

  6. Honesty appriciate it.after a long time I've watched a great chinese war movie

  7. Lol. So much for the white gentleman BS that American propaganda keeps trying to force on us. The French general rapes his Vietnamese interpreter repeatedly and kills her in the end, white man is so gentleman! /s

  8. Great movie,thanks, I like the historical aspects of this movie

  9. Thanks for English subtitle. It's an excellent cinema and a perfect example for the soldiers and the citizens of any country. The land you born is your mother land and it's the duty of everyone to protect their respective mother and.

  10. Love ❤ this thanks for dubbed english. I hope more vedio pls watching from Philippines 🇵🇭

  11. ان الله لا يحب المعتدين

  12. I appreciate whoever uploaded this. Many insights developed. I wish there was an feature to listen to the chinese with subtitles to develop my fluency.

  13. Best war movie I have ever seen for a long, long time. Chinese soldiers are the best in the world!

  14. What a beautiful piece of history, much thanks

  15. Amazing, so interesting story….fantastic costumes…..

  16. French man "do his best" to vietnamese/chinese woman 🤣

  17. movies war''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
    top movies;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

  18. I saw hot comments gave it a try and ohhh man it's a great movie..

  19. I understood more part of the history of Vietnam

  20. One of d best Chinese historical movie n base on real event to boot. 👏👏👏👍👍👍🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳

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