The Unknown Soldier (English Subtitle)

Continuation war between Findland and Soviet.


  1. How somebody can think this movie is Finnish propaganda is beyond me. I mean, right on start they Finnish soldiers being scared and quite green, the only good thing is that Soviets stationed there are even worse. They also let finnish soldier kill a prisoner/their officier killing own men in futile war effort, sending guys on suicide missions and even have their own generals planning defense with nothing but fantasy and wishes… and most if not all unit members dies in sad and pointless deaths.

    This is no propaganda, its just a good war movie.

  2. Watching this movie while Russia Ukraine war

  3. this made my buy Call to Arms – Gates of Hell: Talvisota… and im Canadian..

  4. Very realistic and well made war movie🇵🇱🇺🇸👏🏼 Thank you for English subtitles , it was absolute joy to watch.❤️

  5. Best movie so truth and emotion in this picture. 😢

  6. 2:55:31 the hell is that even suppose to symbolize or represent??? I'm honestly confused.

  7. I read the comments before watching and have to agree you will watch from start to finish; rare to find a film this good.

  8. best line in the entire movie was: “Koskela, where are you going?”
    “To Jerusalem”

  9. My finninsh is pretty rusty. 😆 🤣 😂 kiitos paljon! tosi hyvä elokuva!🇫🇮👍 But it's heartbreaking knowing that soooooooooooooo many men died so that my family could live free! I wonder if I'd have ever been able to live in Australia if they didn't win back our country! This is exactly why Ukraine have to win! Coz if they don't, Finland will be next! And it truly scares me! All my uncles, aunts & cousins still live there!💔😭🙏

  10. 2:38:10 to 2:39:18 That officer really deserved that these man are fighting a losing battle and he just does that because of some patriotism?

  11. Before I watch this, is this going to end up being one of those things where it glosses over and glorifies the actions of a bunch of Nazi collaborators?

  12. Thank you! Being raised in Australia but always talking finnish at home when I was younger, just hearing people talk finnish makes me feel home! It's a shame my finnish is soooooooooooooo rusty now! So I've decided to try only talk finnish when I see mum. She's not that good at English yet anyway! Coz growing up, us kids translated for her, which was how we picked up English so quick!😍🇫🇮👏👍

  13. the explosions from the grenades look more like 80mm mortars. still much better than Americans films because there isn't a mushroom cloud

  14. Bless all those who made it home from war ….but God Bless the ones that had to deal with them

  15. where are they russian soldiers?

  16. This movie portrays Finland in such heroic light, but before succumbing to the charm, let's remind people about historical facts. Finland sided with Nazi Germany to regain territory lost to the Soviets in the Winter War of 1939 – 1940, but in September 1944, as it became obvious that Germany was losing the war, Finland disassociated from Germany…

  17. Finn's are some very tough and resilient people. My highest respects to all of you.

  18. When you first see the Corporal, you can see that he is a stoic man who’s been through a lot of warfare.

  19. The Fish and Carbon discussion almost made me tear up in laughter. I’m sure there is always that one guy in a group during warfare.

  20. Before signing up for any war, watch this film first – is my advice.

  21. I’ve always liked the Finns , this film and the more research I do makes me like them even more . Can’t wait to welcome both Sweden and Finland into NATO 🇺🇦

  22. In my opinion this is the best war movie ever made. Especially, I want to note the work of the operator. Hollywood needs to invite him to their projects. The director and actors are also very talented.

  23. What language are they speaking it sounds very weird

  24. I have really high standards and I didn’t expect much from this movie but God was I wrong amazing best movie ever I respect to fins so much more now

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