THE TOLL Trailer (2021) Iwan Rheon, Thriller Movie

In cinemas and on digital platforms from August 27
THE TOLL Trailer (2021) Iwan Rheon, Annes Elwy, Thriller Movie
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  1. The actor at 0:48 played Mick Mars in The Dirt.

  2. The Tollman was a bike messenger and delivered a portfolio of artwork to a comic publisher. It had some very insulting images of the owner in it.

  3. I learned to drive on that aerodrome. At 00:14 I can see my mother's house.

  4. Good acting with some great actors but sadly a boring story.

  5. God I want Iwan as the 14th Doctor

  6. Is The Toll on netflix, or Hbo?

  7. Hilariously I live in north pembs, it is known as the Wild West,, and south pembs is where the English go to die, this is gonna be good.

  8. This looks like a modern mix of Snatch and the Guard. Cannot wait to see this

  9. The Welsh 'The Guard'?

  10. Everyone talking about Ramsay Bolton, meanwhile I was thinking, "did Wes Anderson just made another movie?"

  11. You gotta pay the Troll Toll, if you wanna get into that boy's soul

  12. I thought Ramsey Bolton was playing the good guy. No such luck!!!

  13. Looks like a foreign movie. But far very far from a Canadian movie!

  14. I'm guessing Ramsey Bolton will torture them all then get eaten by his own dogs in the end…just a guess.

  15. You have to pay the troll to get to the boys s(hole)

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