The Struts, Robbie Williams – Strange Days feat. Robbie Williams (Official Video)

“Strange Days” with Robbie Williams is out now:

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The Struts

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  1. This features Robbie Williams!

  2. Can't say enough about this Band. These cats are the real deal and have been for years. They just don't stop cranking out great music!

  3. 😍😍💖💕💟💞🎼🎵🎶🎧

  4. 🎶🧡More❤️ Than 🖤Beautiful💜
    💛 Amazing💙 Fabulous💚
    🤍 Perfecto🤎 Music🧡🎶

  5. Brilliant. This guy is like Freddie Mercury and Mick Jaguar mix. Wow. Amazing! Good stuff.

  6. Finally a rock song that is not about death cults and demons! This is real Rock!

  7. Luv these singing with Robbie 💗

  8. I can't wait to see Robbie again live in Greece someday I hope soon!!!

  9. Great song for these times. Like that singer from Take That, he should go solo. One Love BC

  10. Oh, my gosh!!! Great group, beautiful voices!! I just found you!! And I do love Robbie Williams so much. What a talented, beautiful band❤️❤️

  11. You guys are such an amazing band… You guys touch more souls than you realize.

  12. Robbie Williams is just the shizzle .. He moves with the times and never looks old or jaded

  13. He should find his own way of moving not copy Fredie and Jeger is stupid

  14. formidabile Luke (anche Robbie)..

  15. Why am I only hearing this song now.. ? This should've been number 1. Too much terrible Gaga music taking over the mainstream. They try to push all true Artists out of the way. Because yes these are strange days.

  16. I’m older but I keep up with current music through my kids. Never heard of the Struts. Really good and the lead singer has strong Mick Jagger vibes.

  17. Im from Philippines i love your all song and You're voice like the queen.. And when you concert in the Philippines

  18. OMG why did I just found you now???

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