The Struts, Robbie Williams – Strange Days feat. Robbie Williams (Official Video)

“Strange Days” with Robbie Williams is out now:

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  1. I saw Bradley Nowell when Robbie Williams pulled up the umbrella. I cried instantly, so thankful!

  2. Non sapevo che Giulio Golia cantava!

  3. Luke and the lad's are beyond underrated. They are LEGENDARY

  4. E' stupendaaa! 👍💜🤗💋🎼

  5. No disrespect but I think Robbie was the wrong choice for this, I would have preffered it to have been just The Struts, they are EPIC in my book but so under rated here in the UK, I wish they got more radio play and support!!!

  6. This song came out several months after the pandemic had begun…

  7. Played this throughout covid, that’s what music does. Time machine

  8. This song is really great !! Can you imagine how long I wait to hear it in JAPAN? Soon I can hear in Summer Sonic

  9. My God what a great album I can't stop listening to it thanks for the music 🤘😎🤘😎🤘😎🤘😎

  10. Luke is by far the singer in the world. Mike Oldfield man on the rocks

  11. This deserves a billion views, Luke Spiller's message and glam are crystal clear. This kid has the potential & that Rock essence !.. 💜✨

  12. The lead singer reminds me of Freddie Mercury. He has a beautiful voice and lots of Charisma. He is also very cute and talented.

  13. This song makes me want to cry my heart out.. especially when i feel so down right now & everything is so chaotic in my life.

    The line that says ," we don't know where we will be this time. Next year"
    Man it's so true…life is so unpredictable & messed up .

  14. We're we will be next year .19th July 2022 hottest day in historyxxx

  15. Imagine Freddie Mercury singing this…..omg!

  16. My dream, my life, my imagination, my heart ❤️💚💜😎💜💚❤️

  17. 本当に素敵ですね。また来日してくれるといいのに😭

  18. Una excelente canción…tranquilamente una de las mejores de estos últimos años.

  19. Another song that speaks truth.

  20. The real deal they took the word's right out of my mind.

  21. This video need 1 billion views and more.

  22. These have indeed been…strange days.

  23. One of the best of the decade so far, along with The Weeknd (Blinding Lights), and the Kungs (Clap Your hands).

  24. Most underrated band. Period. There's nobody like these guys.

  25. I can’t believe the Struts aren’t bigger. They are amazing. They’ve got loads of great songs.

  26. The UK always playing its role iin the rock arena! Props from Brazil!

  27. First time I`ve listened to the Struts. What a superb vocalist!

  28. The soloist behaves like a mix of Michael Jackson and Steven Tyler

  29. Science Fiction I Believe has become reality . All the James Bond movies now coming to life ??? Plan Demic = Scam Demic . Covid =666. Ovid means sheep and 19 is code for surrender .

  30. This band kicks more ass every album I hear

  31. At a time like now with the world so at odds with each other, this song resonates through me. Strange days indeed.

  32. I just want you to know that this song just saved my life, I’ve been down for so many days looking for an answer, crying to god for a sign, and yesterday this song came along, I almost skipped it but something told me to hold on, I listened to it and felt it in my soul, cried to it, laughed to it, danced to it, and it reminded me why is so good to be alive despite all the bad going on around, this morning I woke up and felt like a different person, so if you’re going through a rough patch just listen to this lyrics and keep on living through these strange days 💕

  33. I immediately loved this song perfect for this terrible period we are living pandemia and now crazy war

  34. These guys are absolutely awesome! One of the best newer rock bands!

  35. Are we going to ignore the fact that the lead singer looks like Freddie Mercury!?

  36. Oh god, I'm in love with this band ❤️❤️❤️

  37. Every song the Struts put out makes you want to sing at the top of your lungs!!!! They are all anthems….

  38. The struts should be on top of the charts!!

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