The Struts – Body Talks ft. Kesha

“YOUNG&DANGEROUS” by The Struts is available now.

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  1. This has been my favorite song of yours for so many years. This is a great song that concludes correctly people's lives who do sports of all kinds.

  2. Freddie + Jagger = LUKE!!

  3. I have never heard of this song before.. why… hasn't… this …been .. played.. on … the.. radio?!?! 🔥

  4. Started listening to the struts after hearing their new song with Paris.. and wow! Never realized how great the struts are! The good bands are so underrated and go unnoticed for their great music… thank you for your music 🎶

  5. …wait, how the fuck is this song two years old and I've never heard it?!? It's fucking amazing! And the video! And the band! And of course Kesha! I love it! And only 15m views?! People are sleeping on this.

  6. Was listening to the struts only version and when I didn’t hear the scream I had to switch to the Kesha one lmao

  7. Also channelling The White Stripes and Jet in modern music

  8. Ooh just discovered this. 🌺

  9. What a fabulous video to an equally fantastic song. Now THAT'S how you do a duotone!

  10. i feel like he used a ouiji board to channel freddie mercury because man its like he's back

  11. anyone here in 2021? 🙂

  12. Hate the lyrics cuz they're so true. Can relate to them, but the vocals and the music are awesome.

  13. I discovered the song from an avalanche edit at clexacon and omg I can’t stop replying

  14. The first time I listen this song was at Clexacon on the panel about Avalance of DC Legends of Tomorrow.

  15. On the second evaluation, not that bad visually but the music was dumb down. That K gal seems cool.

  16. Im here after watching
    100% WOLF

  17. just saying luke spiller had the banana upside down

  18. Why does this feel like sweater weather 2.0?

  19. There lead does look like Freddie

  20. kesha is the worst part of this song, and this song is great.

  21. what happened to the electric guitar in this mix?

  22. the music in this song is generally speaking enjoyable but i can't help but feel like the video in it self feels like a 5 month old soggy cardboard second hand pizza brand pizza left in a dusty room in the middle of nowhere for a couple weeks before being force-fed to the viewer, the point is the visuals feel like moldy plastic and stale bacon.

  23. Spoiled by Kesha, the usual.

  24. So uh lol. I heard this song while on hold with T-mobile lol

  25. La cargaron con la mujer es lo mejor

  26. So Kesha vaporized and everyone was like "yeah, that's what she does"

  27. This song should've been a hit :'(

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