The Secret – Full Thriller Movie In English

Shot almost entirely on location in Idaho’s Wood River Valley, The Amaranth is an isolated, luxury retirement village where the privileged and powerful live out their twilight years with amazing vitality. Here is where wealthy industrialist Richard Kendrick relocates, along with his younger wife, Lily, after he suffers a debilitating stroke. But while Richard is rejuvenated, thriving in the cultish atmosphere, Lily is disturbed by the transformations she observes in her spouse, then shocked by changes in her own physiology, prompting her to probe into the dark underbelly of this strange and beautiful Shangri La.


  1. Excellent insight into the human heart and how wicked and selfish it is.

  2. Do we assume that little Mia's egg donor was kept alive in case something like this was to require the original donor's bone marrow in the future? The original butler died giving his own heart so Richard could live and butler's family received the proceeds. Mia's donor became a veggie for life so her own daughter in an underdeveloped country could receive her proceeds. No one gets out of life alive, just some live longer until the funds are exhausted. I think I would settle for the answer of…what is in the next adventure on the other side and forget involving another soul.

  3. This isn't a comment about the movie but a comment about the comments I was reading.

    Not all rich people are living the best life. You can buy whatever you want but there's a lot of sadness, anger, hurt. The wealthy sometimes do awful things to themselves to make sure they can still feel. Drugs, cheating, isolation, self destruction, suicide.

    Then there are the arrogant bastards that feel great they can buy and sell whatever they want and watch while the world collapses around them.

  4. Good movie. If I was rich I'd want to live as long as possible too, by any means necessary.

  5. Its well known this has been going on for decades. Not so pretty a picture as painted here though.

  6. The name of the movie is

  7. This movie is called the Amaranth (2018).

  8. Way too many commercials even for free movie! Commercial ever 4 mins…

  9. Entertaining. Very original. Good quality and thought provoking. Thank you

  10. A story of what is happening today.third world countries illegally trafficking organ transplants.

  11. 59:09 holy cow I missed that until she asked her husband how old she thought Patsy Howard was. So I went back to look!! Anybody know when this movie was made?? That will tell you how old Patsy was.

  12. I like horror movies… though they bring premonitions but have a big space in our lives….😇😇…I assure you that if u are watching alot of horror movies you can skip alot of challenge s in real life😊😊😊😊

  13. 48:45 What would the elite be without their sexual deviance?😵

  14. 14:45 could these women be more creepy??😨😰😱😱

  15. This movie is not good enough to endure a commercial every 2 minutes. Get Greedy and your channel goes to nothing.

  16. I can tell within the first eight minutes this movie that I totally trust these people at Amaranth ! 😵😰

  17. You'll live as long as you want then go to a rock concert to see STINKIN' VINCENT and you probably won't understand any of it. Good film. "Anyone for the ladies?" – they had to slip that one in.

  18. When fiction,
    Meets reality.

  19. Thank you for uploading, a very interesting subject, very subtle in how it was all covered up. Although we seem to be moving forward in medicine we are still unable to get a pandemic under control, so scanned medicine remains controversial.

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