The Second Coming Of Christ (Full Movie HD ) – OFFICIAL – Dedicated to Ethan Holzman(1966-2018)

The journey of a woman scientist who, at the end of times, discovers that true Faith can bring Miracles.

Dedicated to our editor Ethan Holzman (1966-2018)

Directed by Daniel Anghelcev
Diana Angelson Diana Angelson … Dr. Beatrix Cera
Jason London Jason London … John Zachary
Quinton Aaron Quinton Aaron … Michael
Natalie Burn Natalie Burn … Sonya Antonov
Al Sapienza Al Sapienza … Colonel Krewiss
Tom Sizemore Tom Sizemore … Larry
Meredith Salenger Meredith Salenger … Dr. Clea
Sally Kirkland Sally Kirkland … Stella
Jessica Zhou Jessica Zhou … Alba
Maria Julieta Georoiu Maria Julieta Georoiu … Mary, Mother of Jesus
Jason Tobias Jason Tobias … Jesus Christ
Vincent Rivera Vincent Rivera … The Resident
Les Brandt Les Brandt … John the Apostle
Nazo Bravo Nazo Bravo … Pvt. Sassounian (as Naz Aslanian)
Constantin Alecse Constantin Alecse … Self (as Father Constantin Alecse)
Anatol Rezmeritza Anatol Rezmeritza … Serghey
Liberty Dawn Liberty Dawn … Nurse Laura
Mike Zehr Mike Zehr … Market Gentleman
Alex Aves Alex Aves … Becca
Nour Milla Nour Milla … Mary Magdalene
Mindy Zeigler Mindy Zeigler … Little Girl
Elena Plesa Elena Plesa … Waiter
Merilee Brasch Merilee Brasch … Christina Richardson
Jose Rosete Jose Rosete … Roman Soldier
Joaquin Cruz Joaquin Cruz … Church Thief / Dealer
Carlo Mendez Carlo Mendez … Pvt. Lopez
Jose Diaz Jose Diaz … Mexican Boy
Paulina Vallin Paulina Vallin … Annika Stevenson
Juan Martin Aguirre Juan Martin Aguirre … World Delegate
Sarah Aguirre Sarah Aguirre … Church Member
Joshua Diaz Joshua Diaz … Pvt Michael Cruz
Les Almourzaev Les Almourzaev … Soldier
Kurtis Anton Kurtis Anton … Mike Bohen
Kenny Arroyo Kenny Arroyo … Officer Jiom Garcia
Jesus Baena Jesus Baena … Church Member

Produced by
Diana Angelson … producer
Daniel Anghelcev … executive producer / producer
Natalie Burn … producer
Mike Kent … producer
Tim Newhouse … producer
John Nickol … producer
Mason Richman … assistant producer
Music by
Navid Hejazi
Ramin Kousha
Silvia Leonetti
Cinematography by Chris McKechnie
Film Editing by Ethan Holzman
Casting By Gabrielle Evans
Art Direction by Danielle Dunnigan

Makeup Department
Adriana Bena … key makeup artist
Affinity Styles … makeup artist
Milana Zakhrabova … makeup artistSecond Unit Director or Assistant Director
Salina Conlan … second assistant director
Rares Ilea … second unit director
Bogdan Muresan … second second assistant director
Tim Newhouse … first assistant directorArt Department
Tina Matei Himber … set designer
Paula Matei … set dresserSound Department
Jared Elkin … sound recordist
Hemang Prajapati … re-recording mixer/sound designer
Alejandro Sarmiento … 5.1 mix/sound designer / 5.1 sound design / supervising sound editor
Shawn Tischler … sound editorSpecial Effects by
Mike Viapiano … special effects supervisorVisual Effects by
Dorian Otero … visual effects supervisor
Camera and Electrical Department
Joakuin Cruz … key grip
Andrew Jorgenson … gaffer
Mike Kent … key grip
Ryan McGivern … grip
John Nickol … first assistant camera
Fabian J. Tehrani … director of photography: second unitCostume and Wardrobe Department
Cassie Galloway … costumer
Tina Matei Himber … wardrobe
Paula Matei … costume supervisorEditorial Department
Todd Leykamp … colorist
Alexis Lopez … assistant editor
Andres L. Porras … colorist
Deloras Sullivan … on-site editorMusic Department
Brian Black … music supervisor
Catalin Ciucan … composer: additional music / guitar / vocals
Pavel Ciucan … vocals
Tudor Ciucan … vocals
Mihai Coporan … guitar / vocals
Drew Denton … guitar
Tiberiu Florescu … composer: additional music
Ionel Georoiu … composer: additional music
Minioneta Georoiu … composer: additional music / vocals
Petru Georoiu … vocals
Omid Hejazi … musician: dudukScript and Continuity Department
Gary Shergill … script supervisor


  1. Such a disappointment and wasting of time this movie is…
    Anyone who knows their bible even a bit, knows this is not biblical Truth shown here..

  2. Time is almost up. Please give your life to Jesus Christ before it's too late. He is coming soon and tomorrow is promised to no man. Ask forgiveness for your sins and repent/turn away from sin and have a change of heart and mind. Seek the Lord and ask Him to fill you with the Holy Spirit and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. He loves you more than you can even imagine. Give your heart to Him. Invite Him into your heart . Read His word daily. It is the sword of the Holy Spirit and the word cleanses and heals. And ask the Lord Jesus to lead you and guide you through the rest of this journey.
    Much love and many blessings!🙏🙏🙏💕👑👑👑👑👑

  3. good story but very decieving to those that donot know/understand what Gods word says…especially Revelations…

  4. Praise God 🙏❤️🙏 More Grace is upon you everday🙏❤️Life on Earth in God's Grace is so amazing…even under circumstance let us keep Jesus Christ our best Example🙏❤️ Walk in Faith😍❤️🙏

  5. Jesus called me in 2013, I lost my way because of my pride. He has punished me and told me why. I cried when I realized it was all because of me when I was trying to point fingers at everyone else. I am trying my hardest today to humble myself. Good is good, please have mercy on all of us sinners My Lord

  6. GOD RULES! I Can't Wait for Jesus to return and Straighten out this world and Solve all it's Problems! God Bless!

  7. Learn Quran and compare which one is truth. Bible has been edited several times and there are many differing versions of it. Bible claims Earth is the Center of Universe and many other ridiculous things. Read “ Quran, Bible and Science” by Dr Maurice Buchaille”.

  8. Jesus is going to destroy the earth with fire.

  9. Jesus is the one who died for our sins not Mary. We should worship Jesus not Mary.

  10. It isn’t accurate enough tbh. Although I enjoy one aspects of a non Hollywood depiction, it lacks context and situation. There will be war, disaster, disease, so not just famine. Lacks biblical reference. The representation of the Antichrist is so vague. Also political ideology such as communism and capitalism in the Bible is not definitive. God is not set I’m a political system, so saying someone save from from China or democracy is right is irrelevant as it is a spiritual warfare.

  11. just watched. Do you believe. amazing movie that will bring tears to your eyes. makes one realize that each of us only sees a portion of the picture until the whole is fully revealed. i was raised catholic but never did understood what was being taught. i became christian and understands a whole lot more.

  12. I've done so many mistakes in life..i still do..but im trying to make things right for I've realized..its Lord Jesus who really stays with me no matter what.People will leave me but GOD wont.

  13. Nu este bazat deloc pe Biblie acest film…sfarsitul va fi mult mai ingrozitor nicio minte omeneasca nu isi poate imagina cum va fii sfarsitul.

  14. I just love happy endings. Don't you?

  15. Jesus is coming back soon repent from your sins and trust in God as your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

  16. @STITCHIN MY STASH  Yes please listen to your own "WORDS" because The Holy Spirit is leading my soul this is why l commented the above post to (YOU). Yahusha Hamashiach will "JUDGE THE GENTILE NATIONS" for what they have "DONE" to his "CHOSEN PEOPLE" The Afrikan Diaspora SCATTERED WORLDWIDE as Bondmen and Bondwomen (SLAVES) Deuteronomy 28:68. So you listen to your own "WORDS" by "STUDYING THE WHOLE HEBREW BIBLE" to find yourself "APPROVED" and not follow man. Alright you do that "REPENT OF YOUR FOREFATHERS SINS" and your own "SINS" as well….!!! Remember Yahusha Hamashiach "JUDGED" and still are "JUDGING" The whole 🏠 House of JUDAH and The Whole 🏠 House of Yisrael….and he will bring back The 🏠 House of JUDAH "SCATTERED WORLDWIDE" to the four corners of the Earth as Bondmen and Bondwomen (SLAVES) Deuteronomy 28:68 back from the four corners your Ancestors SCATTERED us to, to become"ONE NATION" again as the 12 Tribes of Yisrael. Think about that. Those are "FACTS" Lady. Shalom, Salaam 🕎

  17. Is There Such Thing As True friendship on earth and I'm not talking about you always have a friend in Jesus I mean a real genuine friend you can always count on no matter what cause I've yet to experience that type of friendship which probably doesn't exist anyway

  18. Praise the Lord
    For God so loved the world
    That he gave his only begotten son
    That whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life
    Amen 🙏

  19. Unfortunately not based on the Bible! Example: instead of dying, people during the Great Tribulation will seek death, but will not find it.

  20. The movie looks like a low budget movie because of the very cheap acting of the dr., the daughter and the long hair indian looking and indian kinda acting guy

  21. This movie is so motivational and inspirational for all God Belever or not. Glory Be To God, Praise Our One And Only God, Amen❤️🙏❤️

  22. God is forgiving all our sin, Amen❤️🙏❤️

  23. God is the way the truth and the life whosoever believe on him will not be perish,but have a everlasting life Amen❤️🙏❤️

  24. Jesus Christ is all a lie it’s a white race religion not to sound like a racist just speaking facts. Jesus Christ is all a lie. Burn your bibles and don’t go to these wicked churches.

  25. Oh Lord Jesus I love You Lord ,thank You for eternal life ,save many more souls Lord Amen

  26. This movie has a lot of Catholic undertones, phrases and scenes. This is an anti-christ movie and Jesus message was more than just loving one another. Jesus says, repent (from your sin) this also means turn from idols, including graven images and statues, false doctrine, love of money, self-righteousness, etc…And warns of another gospel, which the Catholic church obviously preaches. Jesus told Nicodemus, "Ye, must be born again to enter the kingdom of heaven." Loving each other is not the way into heaven, but God's love through our hearts and actions and the Holy Spirit of God helping us and studying the Word of God and allowing God's word to change us by God's supernatural power after our new birth in Christ Jesus are evidence of the Christian life. This movie has half-truths and blatant lies all through it. God help us. This internet is being scrubbed of everything that is of the real Christian faith and Gospel. Even the Devil can make a fake Christian movie, that looks truthful, but lacks the true power of God's real Holy Spirit and anointing. The power of God's Holy Spirit is not in this movie. I sense no real life in this film. It's one-dimensional. The Bible warns that Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. And I see it clear from this movie. Forgive me Lord for watching this film, I always try to be careful what I watch and listen to. John 3:16 KJV And an additional note, The movie says Christ's second coming, why does this movie still show Jesus hanging on a cross? Jesus died, then rose again on the 3rd day. Christ paid the price for all our sin. Just come to him and accept what he has done for us on the cross. and he ascended up and is seated in heaven on the right hand of God his Father in Heaven. Jesus is King of Kings, Prince of Peace, the risen savior. It is finished! Jesus has all power, all glory and all strength. The Catholic Church wants to just keep Jesus hanging on the Cross forever. Devil is a liar. Jesus is not on the Cross anymore. He is risen in all his power and glory. And yes, He lives in my heart! And his Holy Spirit lives inside me. I am a true child of the king of kings. I have a relationship with my heavenly Father, not religion. Our righteousness is like filthy dirty rags to God. We can never be good enough, or love enough to get into heaven. Jesus is the only way, the truth and the life and no man cometh to the father unless he come through His Son. Jesus! AMEN! I serve a Risen Savior who is Alive! And Jesus brings everlasting life to me. If I die with Him, I will be risen with Him. I sit in heavenly places in Christ Jesus and will rule and reign with him. AMEN again!

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