THE RIDE Trailer (2020) Ludacris, Drama Movie

THE RIDE Trailer (2020) Ludacris, Shane Graham, Sasha Alexander, Bike Drama Movie
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  1. Aweeeeee😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Lindo este filme. Até chorei 🤣

  3. So dis the movie Snoop Dogg said don’t watch on his Netflix special? 😂

  4. cant find the movie on amazon

  5. Do you mean to tell me that of all the talented BMX riders throughout the western hemisphere, they couldn't find a kid to play the role? It's not going to stop me from watching, but knowing how my bloody over-analytical mind works, suspending disbelief is gonna be a b*tch!

  6. Acting fits Luda…..look like a good movie💐

  7. Diosiseieeiee d

  8. Wow… I'm gonna cry 😢 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  9. I can't a black man kiss a white racist ass I can't

  10. It’s a stupid movie. Don’t waist your money

  11. Where can I find this movie

  12. What a great clip it brought tears to my eyes

  13. This movie perpetuates a fraud making you think it takes place in the US in the 2010s. It doesn’t. It’s based on the life of a boy in the United Kingdom in the 1980s. Shame on the director & all the actors for this fraud!

  14. Like my status if I ain’t the only person who teared up watching this inspirational trailer🥲🙌🏾

  15. welp thank's for playing the whole movie for me

  16. i was so tired of watching "great white savior" movies.

  17. I haven’t watched this yet but just so everyone knows pro bmx riders don’t actually make money. Like 1,500 a month tops with frame, shoe, part sponsors combined. Some energy drink athletes make more but you have to be a Disney channel D bag for those bucks lol. Also bmx is not about competition like at all. It’s about the spot and the battle. Seems like this movie was made by some dave Mirra wanna bees.

  18. Once you get past the son looking like a grown man, this movie is actually very good! Highly recommend it! Plus I’m sure they cast him for his BMX skills. Very good film!!!

  19. Luda should skip rapping. This is what he’s meant for. Saw him in SVU and he was sensational

  20. Decent movie summary for those who might not wanna spend the time to watch it lol. I think the editors that make these kinda trailers were the students that didn't understand the difference between a synopsis & a summary, or better yet the power of an elevator pitch

  21. Good movie how the world should be 💫

  22. This film… I don't even have a word to explain it this film is different and the story is so amazing that anyone can relate and I think this is the best film ever.

  23. It’s 2022 and I never knew this movie existed. I’ll check it out.

  24. Now this, Hollywood looks like a movie worth seeing. 👌

  25. Donde se puede ver online ?? no esta en ningun lado !!!

  26. Have to watch this
    Looks really good
    Love these kinds of movies

  27. Damn Luda, yo make me cry. so far away from area code.

  28. He was in Space back then aha back to Earth

  29. Beautiful,,the way life should be

  30. This is just a trailer and I teared up.

  31. I understand what the movie was trying to do but my god was it so unbearable to watch, dramatic scenes just seemed so forced and unrealistic BUT if i put my cynical desire for realism in a movie aside I’m sure it was a god feel good movie ( couldn’t finish it)

  32. The son looks old enough to adopt Ludacris…..

  33. Why am I just finding out abt this movie

  34. Pretty decent movie. Good to see ludicrous is something other than the fast series!

  35. How do u adopt a 19 year old man and put him in high-school

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