1. Probably not a bad action film. But this film could have been better. It seems to have a lot of potential, so if they do a sequel, they should change the director and the writer. Maggie Q's action was quite good.

  2. Oh look a female John wick. At least she's way more believable as a badass than that shit show equalizer TV show with queen fuckin Latifah

  3. If you're telling me you got Michael Keaton and Samuel Jackson in the same movie I'm going to go see it

  4. Anyone else getting a little burnt out on Samuel L. Jackson?

  5. SO happy to see maggie Q in this movie……. Samuel jackson going strong as always. Am waiting for this movie to drop

  6. What's with these modern trailers? – Half way through and it shows one of the main characters die (Jackson) – thanks trailer! 😒😒😒

  7. Really excited about the "Long kiss goodnight" reboot

  8. So is Mr.John Wick need partner?She was available

  9. Samuel Jackson got like 30 movies coming out this year
    He was tired of that MF covid getting in between his MF money

  10. When Nick Fury recruits Nikita ….. I'm in

  11. Ok this is the point where it’s getting way too repetitive

  12. 50 kg women beating up 100 kg men ….again really,,,, no no no

  13. This looks like a Mila Jovovich movie.

  14. It's like I've seen every single one of these action scenes before. I feel sorry for Hollywood because it's really hard to come up with any new stunts. And whatever new stunts they come up with they give it to Keanu Reeves for his John wick movies.

  15. How old is Samuel L Jackson? 35?

  16. This looks fun. Always kinda
    Down for watching hot gals kicking ass.

  17. Let's just all keep in mind that…at the end of the day, that's the Title that won.

  18. i couldn’t tell if the thumbnail was Samuel L Jackson or Morgan freeman lol

  19. 15 seconds in it already looks better than that terrible looking hitmans bodyguard part 2! But I think they're both coming out too close together.

  20. Nikkkkiittaaa need to come out with her show again

  21. Perfect cast! Next sequel, I wish Olga will be join and become a villain! This is Jenny Wick moments!

  22. Maggie I love you Q as a sexy assassin again….yep I'm all in it. Some women just stay fine.

  23. Why the fucking hell do movie makers insist on using the Beretta92!!!? With all the other guns in the world, WHY?

  24. Samuel l Jackson Michael Keaton and Maggie Q kicking ass?? No trailer needed im watching the shit out of it

  25. Revenge killing films seems yo be the thing this days….John Wick, Nobody, all Lima Nelson films, Rainbow Six, this etc….Anymore for anymore?

  26. Sam Jackson died and she's avenging….I just saved you 2 hours NEXT

  27. You know i’m no good – amy winehouse

  28. This looks like a good one

  29. Looks good. Just wish they will let the short bang lob and shiny black catsuit go for women heroine

  30. Is this in the John Wick Universe? Will we see her and Nobody guest star in John Wick 4?

  31. She's a plank of fuckin wood.

  32. She weights um approx 70ibs. Yet to push a man of 200lbs of solid muscle through a door or wall. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    More bullshit suspended in a ceiling full of crap. PASS

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