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Check out the Official Teaser Trailer for The Prom starring Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: December 11, 2020
Starring: Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep, Andrew Rannells, James Corden, Kerry Washington
Directed By: Ryan Murphy
Synopsis: To support a high school girl who wants to bring her girlfriend to the prom a group of self-obsessed theater stars go to a small conservative Indiana town.

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  1. Literally the only decent performance i saw of cordon was the two doctor who episodes. Other than that, he sucks in everything else

  2. Great 🙄 another dancing movie

  3. Okay i came here because in the star cast ariana grande was mentioned!
    But here she is nowhere to be seen

  4. I just wanna watch it for Nicole Kidman though

  5. Get back in the car James after Cats you shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a musical.

  6. whos idea putting james corden in the movie?

  7. respect the premise, but this looks horrible.

  8. someone tell me i’m genuinely asking: why does everyone hate james corden? what did he do to offend or hurt anyone? He’s done nothing wrong. I cant wait for this movie because it’s an adorable LGBT inclusive movie about a girl just wanting to go to Prom with a girl she loves. stop being so negative all the time and let people enjoy a good harmless movie.

  9. Well…… At least we can all agree whoever cast James Corden in this movie is gonna be homeless soon….

  10. This doesn’t look good at all but Meryl Streep is in it so I guess it would be phenomenal. Nicole Kidman looks different though.

  11. I remember the original news story this was based off of. I'm glad that girl and her girlfriend got their prom.

  12. I feel like this trailer ate half my brain

  13. Why do people hate James Corden? I mean, idc I’m just curious

  14. Take james corden out of everything pleaaaseee

  15. I dislike it immediately after seeing James Corden

  16. I only needed 8 seconds to know this wasn't for me.

  17. If I wanted to see James Corden flub his way through an American accent I'd just go get a concussion and hallucinate it, not sit through this tripe

  18. aye yo.. this looks fire

  19. Cant wait not to watch this.

  20. This trailer gave me cancer

  21. Ok I will only watch Nicol and skip whole movie

  22. James corden was the deal breaker.

  23. I live for the simple things. I see Meryl Streep I click

  24. The last good film/show James was in was Doctor Who then it was downhill from there

  25. Why all the hate on James Corden, he's a really likeable guy

  26. you begin to wonder why are they making movies that are going to flop. It's like they are doing it on purpose

  27. With James Corden in the cast,
    this film automatically is already a giant flop lol

  28. Who makes these stupid movie ideas?

  29. So what’s this movie about???

  30. >everyone starts breaking out into song and dance
    >cringes so hard and stops watching

  31. This is an amazing cast but Viola Davis needs to be included more

  32. No offence, but this is probably going to be like every teen movie with a HSM aesthetic which is getting a little boring and old for me personally, except the fact that this time its representing a lesbian couple. Not to mention casting world class actors.

  33. Whats this netflix movie… oh James Corden… skip

  34. This feels like a film that came out in the 80s.

  35. all the $ making this film couldve saved lives somewhere on this earth.

  36. Cats remake remastered
    Cats remake 2nd try
    Cats remake netflix cut
    budget Cats

  37. Netflix and You tube can do everything

  38. I haven’t been so excited for a film since I saw the cats trailer! 😒

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