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  1. How many times they make these type of nonsense called marriage very foolish people. Very ridiculous realtion, they don't know means of relationship.

  2. After watching this movie ,I feel more than ready to get into one relationship like this❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Like the minister in this film said; marriage is a solemn ceremony that must not be entered into lightly but rather solemnly and yet Hallmark keeps making films where either the bride or groom suddenly skips out of the marriage, often times on the wedding day itself. I wonder what kind of example are you showing the many young people, mostly women, that it's ok to skip out of one's wedding. The funny thing is that your leading ladies won't kiss a man who falls in love with her because she has a bf or is engaged but it's ok to skip out of one's marriage.

  4. can't believe this has over 2 million views…movie is ok not great imo.

  5. Muito lindo… Assisti eles até a sexta temporada da série " Quando chama o coração"

  6. Pascal Hutton truly shows how romance should be.

  7. sweetest smile ive ever seen

  8. Rosemary here are more beuteful.

  9. As long as you stick to the following, you are good to go. Honesty,respect, trust,support, love,forgiveness and listening. I loved the chemistry btn them.
    "Any wedding that ends with the two of us being married is great " A quote from heart of a true lover.❤❤❤

  10. I love it 💞✌ at first i taught her ex will try to destroy the wedding buh everything went perfectly well thank u so much 👍

  11. Why did she have to walk down the isle to pacabel's cannon in D?

  12. Esse filme não tem em português a tradição dele

  13. Such a wonderful story😍 I love it❤😍

  14. Love these two, in when calls the heart

  15. Great comments but I feel depressed. Moving on

  16. stuped movie…do not watch it

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