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The Old Testament – Bible Movie, Religion Related Movie, Full Length Feature Film: The Jews of Jerusalem are driven out by their Syrian rulers. They gather their forces, and return to drive out their oppressors.

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The Old Testament (1962):
Director: Gianfranco Parolini
Writers: Ghigo De Chiara (story), Luciano Martino (story)
Stars: Brad Harris, Ivano Staccioli, Franca Parisi
Genres: Action, Adventure
Runtime: 1h 29min
Country: Italy, France
Language: English
Also Known As: Il vecchio testamento
Filming Locations: Slovenia


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  1. the downfall of true Christianity began when the Roman Empire took for their own uses……….

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  3. For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul?
    Mark 8:36

    Father, thank You that You hide my sin and provide a way to defeat it.

  4. you failed to inform me that you were going to charge me to watch this video very misleading and I flagged you as such

  5. I was pretty sure Judah Maccabee ejected Greeks who slaughtered a pig in the Temple or something, and Jews were forbidden to teach Torah and you get dradles they used to secretly defy them…Chanukah.

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  7. A bunch of racist fairytales full of incest murder and ethnic cleansing

  8. The movie 🎥 needs to be restored .. it seems good but the color is faded and blaring it must be a very old movie 🍿👍

  9. Finally one other story of that time, even if the Book of Macabee isn't considered as part of the Bible by many. It is not canonical text, but Apocrypha.

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  11. If only the reenactment were depicted racially correct, I am done with the white washing of history, Most High correct this conscious corruption.

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  13. This film from The Book of Maccabees. I like it 😊😊👍👍

  14. The whole set up is wrong! And those costumes are fitted for the Philistine‘s in their army and it has nothing to do with a Hellenistic period of armour, but anyway I guess I digress….

  15. Jai masihaka God jesus christ bless all of you amen

  16. Lol whited out the people of biblical times where black. I know you white folks are going to jump up and say it doesn’t matter what colour he was. My question is if it doesn’t matter why is he always depicted as white


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  21. A man said he hates the christains because even when you are killing them they will still forgive and trust the Enemy again. How can one trust his enemies?

  22. Thanks 🙏 for posting this video.😊

  23. I like to watch religious movie very much thank you

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  28. This must be a Catholic movie. Protestants don't recognize the Maccabean books.

  29. And you are telling a Lie your owe mouth will judge you I pray you eyes open up YAH may open your blind eyes and open you deaf ears I am of the true Bloodline of Yisrael the Heathen know it

  30. This was a time thousands of years ago when people created their fairy tale abrahamic religions and of a god that doesn’t even exist that people today manipulate for their own purposes.

  31. "And a man's foes shall be they of his own household." Matthew 10:36..

  32. HI
    The story of Hanukkah! Judah Maccabee! However! The Menorah would NEVER have candles!!!! THE MIRACLE OF THE OIL IS WHAT HANUKKAH IS ABOUT! HALELLUYAH AND AMEM IN CHRIST YESHUA!

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  34. Old Testament…Jesus is coming (Exodus 40:35, Luke 1:35, Deuteronomy 29:6, Isaiah 49:26) New Testament…Son of God was born and died for our sins to save us! God the Father sent the God the Son to earth….Moses received the Commandments and Jesus fulfilled the Old Testament….God sent the prophets in the Old Testament but people killed them also the Only Begotten Son God, Holy Trinity exists in the Old testaments (Isaiah 48:16, 61:1; Genesis 1:26). Jesus is the creator of heaven and earth (Genesis 2:4, Hosea 13:7, Rev 4:8, 11; John 8:58, 10:30, 14:9-11, Exodus 3:14, 20:2, Isaiah 37:16, Malachi 3:6)

  35. They go almost entirely on the Bible texts. The Bible was written by Judeans from a retrospective slant on preceding events in order to consecrate their ongoing religious ideology. There was an ancient Israel spanning from the Nile to the Euphrates, or the Caspian, in fact. David and Solomon, and before that Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and Moses, were Egyptian Pharaohs. But a far-flung Empire becomes unwieldy and is subject to rifts and division. The Aramaeans, the Assyrians, the Babylonians, and so on, were all " Israelite " at one time, but ethnicity kicked in and they split with Egyptian deity and then got to duly squabbling amongst themselves. The Aramaeans, Syrians, and whatever, of today are descended of ancient Israel, but not of Judea. They have since been booted from the " Israel " franchise. The " Israel " franchise of today goes to the Jews [ Judeans ] whom went into Europe via the Roman Empire, ' blended ' in with Europeans and became the Yiddish Hasidic.

  36. Unfounded fake stories,God of Ibrahim is the creator of everyone not just a few people and he would not kill or destroy one race for the other,and God did not choose anyone tribe to be its people.

  37. Why did Almighty YAH forsake his people? Let me give you the answer because his people forgot his laws and statutes and commandments and took on the gods of they enemies when his people chose to uphold all his rules they never ever suffered well Almighty never changes his people have been enslaved now nearly 400 years scattered to the four corners of the earth by slave ships Deuteronomy 28 tells the story they story describes who they truely are am glad I know who I am a true YisraElite Thank you ABBA for waking us up after all these lies and tricks and evil done against us because if our Ancestors and us please forgive us and come and save your Royal Bloodline YisraEl no more LIES

  38. True justice comes from GOD.thank you for sharing us this beautiful movie.i like it

  39. This movie does not have anything to do with Ezekiel.

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