The Most Anticipated 2021 Horror Movies That Will Scare Everyone

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The horror genre was given new life in the 2010s with the groundbreaking success of movies like Get Out, Us, It, Hereditary, and A Quiet Place. The ’20s are already off to a great start, and 2021 is set to bring horror fans a great list of anticipated horror movies.

2021 will see a superhero horror film with the living vampire Morbius, and A Quiet Place fans are getting their wish for a sequel, which is sure to match the spine-chilling suspense of the original.

2021 will also see new movies from The Conjuring, Paranormal Activity, and Halloween franchises. There is a lot for horror fans to look forward to in 2021, and here are the most anticipated horror movies of 2021.

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Candyman | 0:00
A Quiet Place Part II | 1:03
Spiral: From the Book of Saw | 1:54
The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It | 2:42
Morbius | 3:32
Don’t Breathe 2 | 4:20
The Forever Purge | 5:22
Escape Room 2 | 6:10
Paranormal Activity 7 | 7:04
Run Sweetheart Run | 7:48
Halloween Kills | 8:44

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  1. What 2021 horror movie are you the most excited for?

  2. Cabin in the woods, worst kills

  3. When they keep the same characters are always the best films

  4. Halloween Kills, Candyman, Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

  5. 90% of these movies are money grab retreads. Hollywood sucks.

  6. The Most Anticipated 2021 Horror "Movie" That Will Scare Everyone
    "Diet Candy man"

  7. Halloween Kills, Hellraiser 🍔🍔🍔

  8. Gezzz! None of those are original. Same rehash. Oh please! How many times are we going to hear…"THE FINAL CHAPTER?"

  9. I still want to know what happened to Laurie Strode's son.

  10. Why can they not produce a new Werewolf movie worth watching??

  11. So basically everything is coming out pretty much at the end of 2021…or are the movies "being released" in 2021 just like they were in 2020😐

  12. The true life purge is coming people!!!!π√•|÷÷××^¥¢¢¢£¥¥€¶

  13. Well 2021 movies are going to have to wait because of covid 19…..

  14. Am I in the twilight zone? I’ve already watched The Quite Place Part 2!……..

  15. what about the texas chainsaw reboot sequel😐

  16. Be a good video if you're dumbass wasn't talking the whole time.

  17. Man, I'm seriously not looking forward to any of these, I wanna see morbius but I don't have high hopes.

  18. I can't wait for " Morbius, Candyman, HELLRAISER" and others.

  19. I’m looking forward to
    Halloween kills
    Wrong Turn
    Spiral From book of saw
    The conjuring 3:Devil made me do it
    The Forever purge
    Escape Room 2
    Don’t breathe 2
    Texas Chainsaw massacre
    Terrifier 2

  20. The Disneyfication of movies. These are THE SCARIEST ???

  21. So lots of originals here, I mean wtg hollywood, pumping with ideas.

  22. Um hello??? The Retaliators?!??!

  23. Morbius,and still a quit place 2 though i feel like i have watched it already through trailers🙂🙃


  25. Dammit, I loved A Quiet Place but it was stolen! It is absolutely based on The Silence by Tim Lebbon, published in 2015. It kills me that the real author gets zero recognition for his story. If you like the movie, you should try the book it definitely seems to be based on, he's an amazing horror author who does not get the recognition he deserves! Sorry I am just so salty about this

  26. Candyman being delayed AGAIN.

    Tony Todd is the BEST

  27. I love jordan peele,but please dont make him sound overated

  28. you guys missed cosmic horror TOXICA! Mix of adventure, horror and action with some neat body horror elements (there is a fan page aka 'making of' blog on Insta!

  29. Please No more saw movies they suck sorry but tired of seeing this movie carrying on ughh …

  30. I am not sure I classify Morbius as Horror more action Thriller tbh!

  31. I’m really interested in the conjuring 3 and paranormal activity 7 ! Can’t wait
    Also Halloween kills I love Michael myers so obviously and run sweetheart run seems really interesting and probably be a hidden gem.

  32. You forgot. Covid19 the return part 2

  33. Everything looks terrible. Cinema is dead.

  34. Hearing the trials and tribulations of middle class white American women is boring.

  35. The new Jigsaw 👎
    The new Candyman 👎

    Where are the new ideas?

  36. the conjuring yes the devil did make him make the movie 😈😈😈😈

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