The Lost Patrol – A Estrada 47 | Full Action Movie

The Lost Patrol – A Estrada 47 (2013). Full action movie.

During WWII, a Brazilian soldier meets two fellow deserters: one from Germany, the other from Italy. The men discover they share much in common.

Director: Vicente Ferraz
Cast: Daniel de Oliveira, Thogun Teixeira, Francisco Gaspar

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  1. Watching from Brazil man I liked a lot it movie I never ever watched this movie on portugues but english get good

  2. What a lousy movie, bad acting and terrible script.

  3. Astig ng nagba2sa ng Comments! 😂

  4. To removes ads..
    Fast it forward till it end. Wait for the arrow play for the next film. Then reset it again by tapping it back to start..

  5. wtf itz a format for commercials.

  6. There is a video in your ads.

  7. So many ads it really annoying

  8. Very good movie with beautiful story.

  9. I actually didn't know Brazil had ground troops fighting on the allied side . Well done brazil there should be more films about you guys

  10. forword first to last min,No Ads. 😁

  11. I very rarely give a film a thumbs down. This one is about as silly, silly bad as a war film can be.
    I guess an armchair liberal socialist write the script and has never ever consulted any veterans.
    Rather, this film insults the veterans who were very brave and knew why they were there and what their job was.
    Many WW2 Allied soldiers refused medals saying "that's not what I'm here for. I'm here do to my bit".

  12. Good movie but too many adds.. worst than the adds in tv serials… Dont watch any movie from this channel.. the uploader is too greedy…

  13. Very good movie with beautiful story.

  14. Alle 3 min Werbung, Jay Sri Hari.

  15. Dpt ads nlng ang ini uoload mo

  16. So many logos, it’s going to be shit

  17. Nice movie… Watching from assam 🇮🇳…

  18. ads every four minutes…done with this

  19. México y Brasil cayeron el la mentira yanke, USA atco barcos mexicanso y culpo a los alemanes a Brasil le hicieron lo mismo.

  20. Why stay in the open, could have stayed in the woods or any sheltered plce

  21. Only 25000 soldiers Brazil sent

  22. Manipulation of historical facts to crazy levels. There should be laws against it.

  23. Hidden gem of a movie reflecting human emotions beyond enemies even in the worst of times . Just too 👍good

  24. Advertisement in between quite similar our life Happy _Sad_Very happy_happy….

  25. Ako lang ba yung nagbabasa muna ng comments bago panuorin ang movie? Hehe

  26. It is nice to have an subtitle

  27. @01:33:21 > What is that short antenna doing mounted on the fender of the truck?. 🙂

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