The Lions of Tobruk (1970) WW2 WAR MOVIE

Action packed war epic about a group of British commandos who find themselves trapped behind enemy lines after the German Afrika Korps smash through the allied defenses in North Africa.


  1. The music sound tracks so beautiful. And great war film too

  2. Brilliant brilliant brilliant

  3. Funny, an italian film of ww2 in nord africa with out italian soldiers 🙂

  4. Tobruk Tribute. You Tube.

  5. this is exactly the midday movie we used to watch on TV as kids. Even then the mismatched lip sync seemed a little off.

  6. Sao lại có xe gaz 53 và xe gaz 69 của Liên Xô ở ngay đầu phim nhỉ, hai loại xe này ra đời sau ww 2 cơ mà?

  7. I've just finished watching this old classic war film but to me it's a great movie

  8. Great spaghetti war film! In fact one of the most hilarious B-films I've ever seen! It's so ridiculous that it's actually funny to watch. It really deserves a special price for this! ;-D

  9. Die Löwen von Tobruk waren gut…irgendwie!

  10. Did anyone notice the union flag at the end was upside down, ruined the film I have seen a few war movies where they make the same mistake, dickhead researchers

  11. Ok, modern Russian army trucks and GAZ jeeps,

  12. What modern tanks do Germany have.

  13. Enjoyable movie. Just wondering where they got cigarettes from beginning to end.

  14. i just love how you find these films that one was crap had to exit

  15. I'm a doctor . ..hhhhhh you are a woman Arab nomadic

  16. Thank you for putting this WW2 movie up for us to watch. Modern warfare is very different and extremely fast. If one hears an airplane then it has already passed… if one sees a bright white spark in the sky then it is time to duck and hide and hopefully it will not be your turn. All I remember are screams and smells of burning things… Dust and more dust.

  17. Better than Attack of the Killer Tomato

  18. How 45:00 how the german understand there is a women’s in that group? Stupid asshole director

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