The Lions of Tobruk (1970) WW2 WAR MOVIE

Action packed war epic about a group of British commandos who find themselves trapped behind enemy lines after the German Afrika Korps smash through the allied defenses in North Africa.


  1. One Good Movie…..🔥🔥🔥7/26/22 🔥🔥🔥

  2. Corny spaghetti waste of time.

  3. This is funny to me because they basically copied some scenes from 1967's Tobruk, and even borrowed some of the same actors. Not nearly as good though.

  4. Wow! What are the chances of having so many HOT women on the front line in the desert? Sign me up!

  5. I love these spaghetti war flicks. Gotta love them Eye-Ties!

  6. At 6:48 the bullets in ammo belt are pointing backwards

  7. Good movie but poor is that this movie using a foreign language that I can't understand 🤷‍♂️

  8. It never ceases to amaze me how they always shoot machine guns just short of peoples feet. also, that jeep.truck chase, the expended a lot of bullets and hit nothing even at point blank range, but , when the guy stands up in the jeep, they finally hit something.Not just this movie but all war movies do it.

  9. 0:03 i did not know that the m4 fl10 sherman did made an appearance in this movie.

  10. Sad The Afrika Korps lost

  11. Hey look!!…..A German Sherman!!

  12. 초반에 몇몇 전차들 빼곤 죄다 워커불독, 패튼 밖에 안나오네….
    그래도 존네 재밌돠!

  13. not bad at all for a spaghetti movie. Then again… some of my fav movies were made in Italy

  14. too many errors to really like the movie. Errors that could so easily have been prevented. Like shooting with rifles and machine guns at tanks. Eeverybody knows that's completely useless and a waste of bullits. Or killing a German with a machine gun when your friends are right behind the German and miraculously they don't get hit. It's annoying to watch.

  15. Libyans don't dress like that, that's Arabian peninsula clothes not Maghrebi North African clothes.

  16. What can I say I don't have to say anything that girl has said

  17. I like how they are saving themselves from sandstrome

  18. I think all these old war movies, deserts and airplane fights inspired George Lucas for Star Wars.

  19. The music sound tracks so beautiful. And great war film too

  20. Brilliant brilliant brilliant

  21. Funny, an italian film of ww2 in nord africa with out italian soldiers 🙂

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