THE KING’S MAN Trailer 4 (2021) Kingsman 3

THE KING’S MAN Trailer 4 (New, 2021) Kingsman 3, Rasputin
© 2021 – 20th Century Studios


  1. Now they just balance people by giving them power but no money nor recognition. After that people ask why school shootings

  2. It sucked so bad…. Can’t get that time back

  3. Really good movie, thoroughly enjoyed it.

  4. If they do Kingsman 4, then this should be the sequel of the second movie

  5. all these gay scenes in movies makes me sick. I can see where y'all steering the world to. a big fucking wall in a car going 5000mph

  6. I always knew that Lord Voldemort is such a gentleman. ;D

  7. Wonder how many anal jokes there’s gonna be.

  8. That’s Rasputin was a bada$$ hell of a dancer😂

  9. love the movies but this pisses me off. At the end of kingsman 2 it show agent tequila (Channing Tatum) visiting the tailor shop which made me really hope that was a suggestion as to what 3 would have, but nope here we are with this!! Disappointed to say the least but i will still go watch it.

  10. BORING. I'm about to fall asleep just watching this trailer

  11. It will be hard not to burst into "Ra Ra Rasputin"

  12. This looks so exciting and excellent.

  13. This looks so awesome can't wait!!

  14. im a little confused becuse there seems to be some part of kingsman 1 or 2 or its a recap

  15. can't wait till they kill off everyone an make it the kingswoman lol XD like in bond

  16. Can’t wait till it comes out in 2052

  17. never imagined in my wildest dreams that lord voldemort protected the world before trying to conquer it

  18. cant wait for the next kingsman – "Kingsman 2094 – Cyber Tailors Unit"

  19. Let's hope it made it to the theatre this time

  20. Oooooooooo kingsman and ww1 I am gonna die 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  21. Ehh, I really enjoyed this first film so much originality, great writing, creative action scenes, and great villain. The second film action scenes reminded me of "Spy Kids" too much which is not a good thing and annoyed me to the point where I didn't even bother finishing the movie. So for the third film after watching the trailers, I'll have to Pass, to the point where I would even bother to watch it for free. But I will spend 1 minute commenting lol

  22. honestly if there was eggsy it would be good
    this is just my opinion btw

  23. I think they should have merlin in this movie or it suck

  24. working title:

    king's man: the origins of voldemort
    kingsman: the origins of you know who
    kingsman: the origins of the one who cant be named

  25. How did this move do so well and become a franchise?

  26. Voldemort a Kingsman?! No way!!!

  27. Hope it is closer to the quality of the first one. The second one is donkey poop.

  28. Nothing says WW1 era London like diversity. . .

  29. ugh, another movie with no consequence. We already know who lives and dies for the most part.

  30. Some great movies to look forward to around Christmas!!

  31. can't wait. i love their movies. the fighting choreography are so clean and the gore never disappoints

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