The Killers – Mr. Brightside (Official Music Video)

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  1. Not quite the magic of pre-release versions floating around pirate channels, but great production.

  2. Possibly my favorite song. A love lament in double time. Flowers you magnificent bastard.

  3. Lofi brought me here lol

  4. I loved!!!! y no me canso de escucharla

  5. This song brings so many memories

  6. This song is so meaningful to me. Long ago I was deeply in love with a girl (Well, woman) named JoAnne and although it never happened for us she wanted to stay friends and she would date various new men and every time I saw her with one of them and she would smile at me I just felt so sick inside but I would never tell her.

  7. My girlfriend died 11 months ago and this was the last song we listen together, first time I listen to it since then. She was the love of my life.


  9. Wonder if this is still her favourite band?

  10. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the LORD, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon. (Isaiah 55:7)
    Therefore also now, saith the LORD, turn ye even to me with all your heart, and with fasting, and with weeping, and with mourning: And rend your heart, and not your garments, and turn unto the LORD your God: for he is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness, and repenteth him of the evil. (Joel 2:12-13)

  11. Thank you the holiday(with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet ) this is such a catchy song .

  12. Every time Im listening to this Im shocked they are Americans bc this is so British! Like can you be more British?!

  13. playing this song while staring at the corners of my room

  14. Oh, it's Iza Miko. I felt like I knew this pretty face.

  15. My ex always liked older men.

  16. What in the Great Gatsby is going on at this party!?

  17. This song js about how you cant turn a hoe into a house wife cause your not Ryan Reynolds.

  18. Apareciste en la rosa de guadalupe,espero Rocko siga con su mujer sin SIDA

  19. I was today years old when I realized this is the plot of Moulin Rogue

  20. the 67k dislikes are cheaters.

  21. Having only the right headphone in the beginning makes it a bit awkward

  22. Who can name a movie that matches with the message?
    Me: The Great Gatsby

  23. When I heard this song I was like omg and then it was my favourite

  24. The Moral of the story is: DON’T CHEAT PERIOD. 🗣

  25. Why are there people saying they look like a British band? They are clearly Americans…😐And their songs sound american too

  26. The gentleman with the apple in the beginning reminds me of Harry Morgan from Dexter

  27. realized what this song is about

  28. The Killers are an American rock band formed in Las Vegas in 2001 by Brandon Flowers (lead vocals, keyboards, bass) and Dave Keuning (lead guitar, backing vocals). The band went through a number of early lineup changes, but by 2002 they had settled on a lineup of Flowers, Keuning, Mark Stoermer (bass, rhythm guitar, backing vocals) and Ronnie Vannucci Jr. (drums, percussion).[1] The band's name is derived from a logo on the bass drum of a fictitious band portrayed in the music video for the New Order song "Crystal".[2]

    The band has released six consecutive chart-topping studio albums: Hot Fuss (2004), Sam's Town (2006), Day & Age (2008), Battle Born (2012), Wonderful Wonderful (2017), and Imploding the Mirage (2020). They have also released a B-sides and rarities compilation, Sawdust (2007); a live album, Live from the Royal Albert Hall (2009); a greatest-hits album, Direct Hits (2013); and a Christmas compilation, Don't Waste Your Wishes (2016).

    Since 2016 and 2017 respectively, both Stoermer and Keuning have had extended periods of hiatus from the band, though both remain official members. Stoermer mostly retired from touring, citing lingering effects from a pyrotechnics accident, while Keuning has released a solo album. Despite his hiatus from touring, Stoermer has participated in recording sessions for Wonderful Wonderful and Imploding the Mirage, and it was announced that both Stoermer and Keuning were participating in recording the band's upcoming seventh studio album. Ted Sablay, who had served as a touring keyboardist and rhythm guitarist for the band since 2006, assumed lead guitar duties for live shows in Keuning's absence, while bassist Jake Stanton has taken Stoermer's place in live shows. With Sablay moving to lead guitar, the band hired Taylor Milne and Robbie Connolly to play rhythm guitar and keyboards live.

    The Killers are considered one of the biggest rock bands of the 21st century,[3] and the most successful act to ever emerge from Nevada, selling more than 28 million records worldwide, including 10.8 million in the US alone.[4][5] They have performed in over 50 countries and on six continents, headlining venues such as Madison Square Garden, Wembley Stadium and Glastonbury Festival (2007 and 2019). … SOURCE, WIKIPEDIA

  29. *The Killers es una banda de rock estadounidense formada en 2001 en Las Vegas (Nevada) por el vocalista, teclista y bajista Brandon Flowers y el guitarrista Dave Keuning. En sus inicios la formación de la banda sufrió diversos cambios, pero hacia 2002 se integraron el bajista y guitarrista Mark Stoermer y el baterista Ronnie Vannucci Jr., permaneciendo fija desde entonces. Después de llamar la atención de un busca talentos, el grupo firmó con el sello independiente británico Lizard King Records y el estadounidense Island Records.

    La banda ha lanzado seis álbumes de estudio: Hot Fuss (2004), Sam's Town (2006), Day & Age (2008), Battle Born (2012), Wonderful Wonderful (2017) y su reciente álbum Imploding the Mirage (2020). Todos los álbumes han ocupado el puesto número uno en UK y en Irlanda; además, se estima que han vendido 22 millones de álbumes en todo el mundo.3​ Por otra parte, también han lanzado un álbum recopilatorio (Sawdust, en 2007), un álbum en vivo (Live from the Royal Albert Hall, en 2009) y un álbum de grandes éxitos (Direct Hits, en 2013)* . ….. SOURCE: WIKIPEDIA

  30. Of the countless roles that Eric Roberts has taken, this will always be the one that I will immediately associate with him

  31. If you heard this back in 2004, your life was great!

  32. song feels different when you can relate

  33. gran recuerdo para mi que la escucho desde el dos mil 4

  34. Don't know if someone is reading this, but if you are: You are amazing and beautiful! I believe in you! ❤️

  35. Nathan Aspinall walk on song😍

  36. I partied to this Killers hit way back in'05….lovely memories

  37. I was the 431 million view

  38. This song describes what I'm going through in a relationship rn

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