The Graduate — Hello darkness

Hello darkness, my old friend
I’ve come to talk with you again
Because a vision softly creeping
Left its seeds while I was sleeping
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains


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  1. Go screw yourself, you darn idiot.

  2. Hello grandpa my old friend

    Your busy days are at an end

    Your exploits have been sad and boring

    They tell a tale that’s worth ignoring

    When you’re alone, the words of your story will echo down the rest home halls

    Cause no one at all can’t stand the sound of grandpa.

    Now ill be needing some kind of lubricant
    either linseed oil or Doctor Shumway's
    OH OK

  3. This ending scene is one of the reasons this movie is a classic – those few seconds after the supposed blissful end makes all the difference.

  4. were they holding hands at the end?  i think they were. 🦋

  5. An extraordinare movie. After graduation Ben doesn't know what his path is, the adults manipulate him, use him, then he meets Elaine and tells her it's the first good thing that happened to him in a life made of nothing. And together they leave everything to live as they decide. I love this movie😍

  6. Came for the Soft Skills project in our university

  7. Why haven't we had anyone else like Simon and Garfunkel in all these years?

  8. no tendran un poquito de contexto que les sobre por favor?

  9. Although it's still an interesting one, I don't like the frequent interpretation of this movie as of that is a depressing ending. Surely it carries an immensely discomfort feeling, but I don't think it has to do necessarily with sadness or melancholy. No, to me is something else: what is sinking on them it's more like the weight of their decision, the weight of their RESPONSIBILITY. When you reject the old views and traditions, and you head for REAL CHANGE, any success you have on this don't come without a strong sense of duty and obligation. If I can paraphrase Uncle Ben, is like "With great change, comes great responsibility." It's like when a revolution succeeds and first you have the thrilling joy of the victorious revolution, but then comes the day after and you MUST answer the question: NOW WHAT? What do we do from now? That is, that moment when you have to transform ideals into concrete reality, and that is always absolute terrifying, although also absolute necessary. So to me this is what that ending represents: the mix of dread and joy that comes with every revolutionary act. It is worth remembering that 'The Graduate' came out only a couple of months before May 68 in France, an event that reverberated throughout the world. In that sense, viewing in retrospective, this movie was almost prophetic.

    (Please for any grammatical errors, English is not my first language.)

  10. Here because of The Simpsons episode where Ms. Bouvier almost marries Grandpa (or Mr. Burns)

  11. Two years later Dustin Hoffman died on a bus sitting next to Jon Voight.
    The Graduate 1967
    Midnight Cowboy 1969

  12. I cant understand…super beautiful woman ..with ordinary guy…anyway it's Hollywood movie

  13. When you realize your real life story only begin after the film end.

  14. Which version of the song is this? I can’t find it anywhere

  15. Still playing this music after so many years

  16. They don't regret their decision; they're just thinking about the hard work ahead of them and the uncertainty.

  17. The moment when the wedding…became the marriage.

  18. For a college film in the 60’s it sure had a great ending

  19. A beautiful ending with a newly wedded couple starting the rest of there life in the great USA.

  20. The Simpsons version with grandpa was better

  21. They went from "We did it!" to "Wtf are we going to do now?" look in just 2 minutes.

  22. I don't think it's about making a huge mistake. I think it's finding something to hold onto for life and settling for it, and then the next thing you're looking at is the rest of your life, then death. That commitment has closed your world to many possibilities. Reaching the goal (love, success, whatever) therefore brings you so much closer to recognizing and envisioning death — the end — which in itself is a big part of dying. But at least they'll do it together. And at the end you see that's the same bus all of us are on.

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