The Girl in the Cafe (film) (2005)


  1. You just gotta love Bill. And Kelly, oh she is so cute and sweet and her accent… melts my heart 🙂

  2. His awkwardness is palpable and oh so relatable. Doing that in indecisive walk.

  3. Fuck Capitalism Fuck Globalization… Stay in your country… :-)))

  4. Yes, what a real gem, unlike so many hyped, unimportant movies that are really about nothing.
    I would have liked to see what the outcome of this last gathering was, what the world representatives decided. And wether there wasn't still a chance for Lawrence and Gina, against all odds.
    I simply want to believe in those possibilities. Because she was so strong and I'm sure he needed her a lot. (Even if it's just a movie. But you're also living in the movie while you're watching it.)
    So, what do you think? I'd really like to read what you're thinking about that.

  5. What a nice movie lots of meetings lots of strong ideas with great expressions

  6. yu tub, Eduardo, hear, hear! A gem of a movie. And so many wonderfully written (and acted) lines.

  7. I saw it years ago, The best thing I've ever seen in my life.

  8. The movie is slow but the message is powerful… Definitely worth viewing.

  9. Cute little film until 1:14:51, speaking up at such occasion is just too absurd

  10. Nice dream, even when we've to wake up to a never ending harsh reality!

  11. Send this movie to the next summit

  12. Every type of poverty actually kills.

  13. A brilliant writer and Kelly MacDonald is phenomenal.

  14. Some critics complained that the film inaccurately suggests world hunger can be ended this simply, but the point of the film is that we can get mired in pettiness and protocol, and lose our passion , and lose sight of the fact that we can make a difference in this world. I think this is the best work Bill Nighy and Kelly Macdonald ever did.

  15. Great movie. Watched it several times!

  16. heart breaking absolutely… feels like my heart has been dashed into pieces , beautiful

  17. coconutaphobes… actually knew someone living in Thailand that was allergic to coconut, and what a joy to be around

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