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The Gambler – All on Black: Jim (Mark Wahlberg) wagers all the money he owes to two gangsters on a single bet.

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Literature professor Jim Bennett (Mark Wahlberg) leads a secret life as a high-stakes gambler. Always a risk-taker, Bennett bets it all when he borrows from a gangster and offers his own life as collateral. Staying one step ahead, he pits his creditor against the operator of an illicit gambling ring while garnering the attention of Frank (John Goodman), a paternalistic loan shark. As his relationship with a student (Brie Larson) deepens, Bennett must risk everything for a second chance.

TM & © Paramount (2014)
Cast: Alvin Ing, John Goodman, Mark Wahlberg
Director: Rupert Wyatt
Screenwriter: William Monahan

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  1. I love this film, but it must be said: No casino in the world, legal or illegal, is going to accept that bet without counting it out.

  2. This is what sliker saw himself doing in his head not realizing this is a movie.

  3. That little roulette ball decided if Jim should continue to live or not.

  4. I love the storyline of this movie, but Mark Wahlberg was not a good fit.

  5. This movie has taught me not to gamble, I think.

  6. "I was playing for Mr. Lee & that gentleman over there. I'm not actually a gambler"

  7. Bald goodman is scary. Harvey weinstein scary

  8. How much he got from 22 roulet

  9. If I have same chance to win back what I’ve lost, I will quit gambling. But the problem is, will I?

  10. Jimmy I still like the way you play Basketball but you did noy win the championship NBA you are still hungry spirit

  11. I love the big man 321 why? bloddy process Money Ball

  12. not nice f word Violent Risky 50 50 no way !!!

  13. Whoever did the sound effects deserves an award

  14. Can someone explain the game he said all on black but he didn't say what number on black?

  15. The tension and sweat he's feeling is the same when I by $100 of stock on Robinhood

  16. Wheel sounds like the board walk spinning wheel….broken bearings?
    Finger dragging lol
    Never ever seen or herd a roulette wheel like this in my life

  17. If you ever see a roulette wheel act like this….dont play on it….lol
    Worst directing ive ever seen on gambling game

  18. He's right, he's not a gambler, he's an addict. Very well shot scene, the look on Goodman's face, oh man…!

  19. "Ok, now I want to bet the whole lot on number 19"

  20. The sigh of relief from goodman is a great touch.

  21. I love the intensity of how everyone in the room knows he's basically laying his life on the line with that kind of cash and a beaten up face.

  22. For those of you who like to come down to the comments before you finish the video. he wins. it lands on black.
    that'll teach ya.

  23. The dude who almost ruined his life because of gambling isn't a gambler? Hollywood trash movie confirmed.

  24. Alcoholics say the same thing lol

  25. Aside from the insanely unrealistic premise, I can’t handle how the Asian guy with an accent doesn’t know how to use chopsticks better than my father.


  27. The wheel is spinning the wrong way …should be spinning the opposite way of the ball

  28. i watched the gambler when i was a kid with james caan but never saw the ending till now ,lol.

  29. Imagine you're the guy next to him and you had just put $20 on red.

  30. Who just came here coz of the tiktok? Lol

  31. There's a reason why casinos have LIMITS on bets like this! 🤣

    For roulette, the MAXIMUM bet is usually like $5,000. Maybe there's a high-stakes casino somewhere in the world that allows more, but probably not without also raising the table minimum.

    The dealer in this film should've said "No, max is $5,000." Would've made for a more interesting situation 😂.

    Edit: THE POINT, is that even “illegal casinos” aren’t stupid enough to take wild bets like this 😂

  32. high stakes without a limit never happens because of the Martingale method. Otherwise you would just double up everytime until you win.

  33. Walburg playing hard core gambler made it look to easy when winning 👍

  34. None of you are truly degens if you think it's 50/50 on a roulette table

  35. They span the roulette wheel in the wrong direction to the ball lol

  36. movie sucked.. How dare this Marky mark thinks he can be the James Caan???? God this movie sucked

  37. In the next scene when Frank drives up to him in the alleyway and offers him the "Cream off the top" money and he declines, Frank knows that Jim finally has the gambling monkey off his back for good and he will be able to move on to better things beyond gambling. When Jim says F%^K You to him, he even smiles about it. 🙂🤜

  38. why the guy gotta be eating rice though. couldn't it be KFC or something instead?

  39. It's weird when I go all in I know what ever I pick it will lose. I love to get a bank loan and put it all on. But I know what ever I pick it will lose.

  40. James gandofini would have been great in John Goodman's role, no mistake Goodman is unstoppable

  41. If you ain't seen this film i suggest you go and watch it

  42. not a lot of gamblers in the comment section. That was not a 50/50 chance bet.

  43. The red bag. The gambler in this movie had to have been ready to bet it all on red only to change his mind last second. Red is known as a lucky color and having to carry the red bag as well as having something red in your line of sight would've helped him mentally prepare for the final bet to be on red. His irratic decision to bet everything on black last minute portrays his insanity and will to chase the big and final loss which inevitably means the man taking his own life. Most people chase victory in order to win but a true degen gambler knows no one could ever lose gambling when playing with an endless supply of money. Although the gambler in the movie is not in any financial position to risk so much money, he was only able to walk away with a win by increasing his bet and playing like a maniac.

    But then again, everyone playing roulette bets on black.

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