The Fighting Lady (1944)
The Fighting Lady: The Lady and the Sea

This film is a military documentary told from the point of view of the crew of the aircraft carrier the Fighting Lady — a pseudonym for the Yorktown. Scenes highlight the functions and duties of The Fighting Lady and crew activities, and maps illustrate the movement of the Pacific fleet and its engagement with the Japanese in 1943 and 1944. Footage shows the following: A-24 Dauntlesses, TBF Avengers, Hellcats and other aircrafts as they flew out to the carrier, and the August 30, 1943, strafing and bombing mission over Japanese – held Marcus Island — from preparation on the carrier to debriefing. Later scenes cover 1944, when the U.S. forces took Kwajalein Island, the Marshall Islands, Truk Islands, and Caroline Islands through air assaults and troop landings. Mitsubishi Zero-Sens (Zekes) engaged the U.S. Navy assault force and the ship squadron returned to the Marshall Islands for repairs, munitions, and rest and recreation. En route to the battle area, the Fighting Lady encountered and downed a Japanese reconnaissance plane. On the eve of battle, sailors attended church services. Prior to the U.S. assault, the Japanese attacked the U.S. squadron and U.S. planes took off for the Marianas and the Guam Islands where they successfully fought at the Tinian and Mariana Islands. The Japanese and U.S. task forces then fought in the Philippine Sea, where planes engaged in dogfights while ships performed evasive maneuvers. Final scenes show U.S. casualties buried at sea.

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  1. my dad took the air craft carriers out to a secret location was in a heavy led cruiser before pearl attack.

  2. Thanks very much for this good old movie! Bring more!

  3. I knew a guy that was in the Pacific from 42-45 , on a DE33 Destroyer, he told me a lot about the turkey shoot.

  4. Old soldiers never die they just fade away. – Gen McArthur. So true. VFW.

  5. アメリカの航空母艦のほうが近代的なデザイン豊富な物資、良質なガソリン、レーダー等科学技術これでは日本は勝てるわけない

  6. C O M P L E T E L Y B O R I N G.


  8. US navy(1944): badass manly men
    US navy(2022): You know what? I gotta be a cool popular kid on TIKTOK(chinese app) Im a Non-binary!

    Sad lol

  9. The Lexington is now a museum ship, permanently moored at North Beach in Corpus Christi, TX. She is known as "Lady Lex", so when I saw the title of this movie, I was hoping it was about her. Oh, well…
    The Lex features many displays and a fighter plane simulator. The local Boy Scout organization has a big annual event there, and many tourists and locals visit the ship daily.

  10. Fantastic footage! Fantastic narration by Taylor.
    What amazing young men they were who fought, died and were wounded and imprisoned for ideals, beliefs, honour, adventure, family, home and hearth and country, (no matter which side they were on). God Bless them. Thank God and God Bless the Allies whose efforts led to world freedom. Lest we forget. Courage and respect!!!
    Interesting that the USA soldiers here had heads bent in respect to the dead, to the tune of "God Save the King", the British National Anthem.

  11. Thanks God it was the USA that won the Wars and im saying that as non-American.

  12. Great movie.

    Can you find the movie: Cpt. Eddie? It may not be called exactly that. B&W ona a life raft after ditching in the ocean. Fighting Sullivans type film.

  13. Amazing footage and as a mum I can see how young so many of the crew are . Just boys but with men’s hearts .. war takes so many

  14. to all veterans thank u for ur service

  15. I was but a modest Navy League Cadet. These docu-dramas are a tribute, and thank you,

  16. Have notice on the flight deck on aircraft carrier none of the personnel worn safety protections ear, eye, head protectors

  17. Don't like sea story's from America sailors , about America's men of warships. Dropped mine about my ship..
    (Politically correct pigs)

  18. Este documental está entero bueno, las filmaciones de los ataques aéreos son espectaculares, pensaba que era una de esas tantas películas sobre la guerra, pero se trata de un documento histórico sobre la misma, mejor adónde. 👍🏻…
    Solo Disculpe si no respondí en inglés.

  19. Os dieron bien en Vietnam…………
    Malditos hijos de perra.jajajajaja

  20. im surprised these planes had enough touq to lift these guys balls off the ground??

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