The English Teacher (2020) – AWARD WINNING Short Film | Drama

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In this drama short film, it follows Robert Brammel, a private English teacher who develops an unusual relationship with a new student.⁠ Featuring Louis James, Blake Ridder and Sophie Cardona.

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  2. allahın çinlisi

    türkler beğene çök

  3. Right in the feelings 😩

  4. That was sooooo goood

  5. I don’t know much of how to obtain the driving license in Britain, Jin can drive without knowing basic English?

  6. "It was me who hit the car of your wife". 9:40. Minor discrepancy?

  7. GREAT FILM!!! Can’t stop crying

  8. Hi guys , i watched this movie but I can't get the point . Can anyone explane me the message of this film ?

  9. This is heart ❤ brake short film…

  10. I was so surprised that I gasped at the end. I was just stunned for a while. I've been teaching English for a long time, but I've never been so emotional in my lessons. If you get involved too much in the private life of each student, it will be a big problem. You’ve got to draw a line at one point. But this student is unbelievable… Why does it have to be an English teacher? I’m a little scared.

  11. well …. didn't see that ONE coming but what emotion in only 12 minutes……👍

  12. The guy who writes all of these needs to be writing movies for Hollywood, Its has more emotions in 12 Minutes than a two hour movie.

  13. I am an English teacher in India (Hyderabad). I have got so many emotional experiences with my students as shown in this movie.

  14. Ugh. Really good script. Great acting. Really great film. So tragic.

  15. I need this teacher my long life

  16. Great film!!! He had right of way though, she should have checked before riding on to a main road

  17. Thank you for the womderful acting

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