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Check out the official The Empty Man Trailer starring James Badge Dale! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: October 23, 2020
Starring: James Badge Dale, Stephen Root, Joel Courtney
Directed By: David Prior
Synopsis: A series of mysterious disappearances in a small Midwestern town may be linked to a supernatural entity.

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  1. IDK why but makes me sleep it's kinda an ASMR.

  2. Christ Stuckman sent me here…

  3. Don't judge this movie on the trailer. There is a deep Lovecraftian horror to this one that winds its way around your brain by the time the credits roll.

    I thoroughly enjoyed it – the trailer for this one does not match the tone and story arcs the actual movie takes.

  4. I think ill pass on this one……..

  5. I thought movies like this were stopped from being made in 2016 dude to how much of a wack HORROR MOVIE CLICHE IT IS


  7. Looks like a rip-off of the Candy Man

  8. I wonder what kind of drugs the people who thought of this were on.

  9. Empty Man, candy man xD

  10. 1v1 empty man beach sniper only

  11. The Empty man must have empty pockets 🤔

  12. honestly this movie wasnt bad. the guy who played the lead actor KILLED IT. however the ending was a bit misleading.

  13. I saw this movie. It's a phycological horror. It's a lot creepier watching the movie than seeing the trailer. But if you want a full horror movie to understand, then don't come after this one

  14. What happened to the virus of the comic the movie is based on?

  15. Dammit. I was hoping they'd take the original comics and give us the resolution we never got (comic ended literally right before the cliffhanger). It's been a few years since I read it but I don't remember it looking anything like this. :/

  16. Just saw it tonight and I LOVED it! It’s kinda slow and not to actiony so if you want å thrill ride this isn’t exactly it but it is still amazing!!

  17. Alot of unknown actors……
    Looks LAME!!

  18. Wtf… Empty man?… These creators couldn't come up with a better title than this?

  19. I'll wait on redox thank u very much

  20. Pretty sure the 1st of it's kind was done in MY generation and it was called "Candyman" and it was actually SCARY. This looks cheesy and stupid. My question is… Who actually put up the money to make this for 1? and 2.. Who thought people would pay to see this? Whoever these people were need to all be FIRED. 🤦‍♀️

  21. The Candyman
    Bloodymary & NOW
    The empty man..Damn,
    Hollywood really is going
    out of creativity when it comes to..making movies

  22. Everyone comparing this to Bye Bye Man which I never watched is wrong. Do some research. The Empty Man was a graphic novel 2 years prior to that movie even releasing; furthermore I just finished The Empty Man and it was awesome AF.

  23. My review for this film which is on IMDB.

    The Empty Man Whispers in Tongues!

    I'll start by prefacing that I haven’t read the graphic novels yet; also don’t judge the film on the trailer. You will regret it. I learned about this movie a day before it released by accident. I’m a horror aficionado and this movie was so below the radar I don’t believe anybody knew about it; especially about it releasing in theaters. The story is about an ex-cop investigating a missing persons. The story evolves from there into a nightmare of sorts. The acting was good; though James Badge Dale as James stole the entire film through his incredible performance. The jump scares weren’t numbered in the likes of Paranormal Activity or Sinister and etc, but I also believe jump scares are so cliché now. The pacing was very well done; granted the movie is almost 2.5 hours long. The ambient audio was spectacular and honestly one of the best sound designs for a horror film I’ve ever heard which I know is a tall statement. The cinematography was extremely well shot. If you can imagine a combination of Sinister, Hereditary and It Follows rolled into one, but executed wonderfully then you will have an inkling of what this film is about. I highly encourage you’ll to watch it; given 2020 has been so thin on legitimate horror/supernatural thriller films this is a gem in the darkness.

  24. The true life story of Joe Biden.

  25. The "Generic creepy Macguffin" Movie… Considering this took 3 years from filming to a "jeez, what sort of generic bs-movie do we have in the closet to show to empty movie theatres"-release this will bomb so hard. Hope those people working on it at least got paid as i won't pay a penny to see it.

  26. When Candy Man is all out of candy.

  27. Whenever I turn in to the Empty Man, my next visit is to IKEA for a new bed.

  28. Too bad it’s COVID cause no one would put their lips on a random bottle on a bridge

  29. Dumb teens doing dumb things.

  30. White kid: let's play this dumb game to summon the bogeyman

    Other white kids: great idea!

  31. Straight to DVD-drinks coaster

  32. I am so glad no money of mine is invested in this DRIVEL.

  33. Oh please, isn't this just 'Candyman' with a younger, fresh cast and an "updated" script that doesn't have a black man cast as the lead "demon" ?

  34. these horror characters that loves to call evil spirits or whatever are in every generic horror movie

  35. Gutted wont be able to see it as all cineworld is closed in the UK 😪

  36. I hope this movie does not leave me feeling empty… I guess, I have to empty the contents of my brain for safety measures, with a glass half empty approach…

  37. The Enpty Hefty Man- I throw 3 bags of garbage into a can and on Friday a big machine eats them. SPOOOOOKIE

  38. This trailer makes me think of a unique ASMR video.

  39. I suspect this movie is more interesting than the trailer made out. The idea of a lot of people summoning the monster at the same time is pretty weird.

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