THE EMPTY MAN (2020) Official Trailer (HD) SUPERNATURAL

Directed by: David Prior
Release date: October 23, 2020 (US)(Theaters)

After a group of teens from a small Midwestern town begin to mysteriously disappear, the locals believe it is the work of an urban legend known as The Empty Man. As a retired cop investigates and struggles to make sense of the stories, he discovers a secretive group and their attempts to summon a horrific, mystical entity, and soon his life—and the lives of those close to him—are in grave danger.

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  1. Really liked the music in this movie. Ending just felt a little lackluster. Overall a cool horror movie and worth a watch.

  2. Boogie Man and Candy Man for the CGI Man era.

  3. What if this turned out to an amazing horror flick. I doubt it but its wishful thinking.

  4. i can make a movie better than this just give me a good buget ;DDDD

  5. When the Boogie Man goes Bye-Bye (Man) with the Candy (Man) you're left Empty (Man)… or something.
    I put more effort into whatever you'd call ^that than the writer(s) did with this movie.

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