The Dark Hour (1936) MYSTERY

Stars: Ray Walker, Irene Ware, Hedda Hopper
Director: Charles Lamont

When a pair of detectives investigates the murder of an aging millionaire, they find there is no shortage of suspects, many of them in the victim’s own family!


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  1. (I'm gonna get me one of them PizzaFlix mugs!)

  2. ‘Get into the house you ‘package’ …

  3. These old movies get a new lease of life on the internet , they would have disappeared because of the film quality for tv ,,but film lovers will be able to feast on these for ever

  4. Hedda Hopper. The Original Gossip Girl!

  5. I love playing detective with the movie, and love it even more when I didn't figure out the killer correctly!

  6. Love the society, fashion, hair styles and cars from this decade, Art Deco as well.

  7. 고전찬미 감사합니다

  8. A good whodunnit! Hedda Hopper is great in this–smart, confident, and totally unintimidated by men, quite unlike the timid, demure, submissive women typical of the era. She treats being a murder suspect as a game, acting amused by it all. She's better remembered today as one of Hollywood's most famous and powerful gossip columnists.

  9. I did not know Hedda Hopper acted

  10. Michael Mark (Arthur Bell) in the part where he was questioned? Stole that scene. He may have been the most. Natural actor in that movie

  11. This channel validates my reason for sticking with black and white movies: the stuff they make today will make you sick.

  12. That ending threw me for a loop and I loved it! What an enjoyable film!

  13. love it but the sound not very good.

  14. The stuff they have today is crap.

  15. This could be converted into a charming, humorous play! I'd pay money to see it!

  16. Fascinating little mystery!

  17. The aunt is the right lady for the retired det to be married to the rest of his years,good ending!!!!!

  18. great classic movie great channel thanks

  19. Good to see forgotten movies come alive all credit goes to channel.

  20. Why did the Charles asphyxiate his brother and then stab him in the back when he was dead? Why wasn't he in custody at the end of the film when he had admitted to being the arsonist? Or didn't anybody else who watched this actually try to understand the plot?

  21. The actor portraying Mr. Bernard was the corrupt banker in the 1939 Stagecoach western starring John Wayne.

  22. Thanks to whoever mentioned watching with the captions….
    I've never had so much fun

  23. Hedda Hopper, Irene Ware… amazing and beautiful. Thanks for posting this excellent movie!

  24. Head and shoulders above what's coming out of Hollywood today!! No destruction, the earth isn't under attack, cities aren't being destroyed…..

  25. Good movie! Unexpected and unusual ending.

  26. Whatever happened to Chesterfield Motion Picture Corp.?

  27. I’m addicted to black and white movies🎬👍🏻🍿thanks for uploading! Keep-em coming👍🏻

  28. Theese old mowies are more exiting than the new rubbish! thank you!

  29. Very poorly written dialogue.

  30. Aww man, I wanted the chinese guy to successfully escape at the end there.

  31. Notice the manners at the beginning. The maid says “Thank you for asking.” The young woman enters and tells the elderly mantl be seated but he waits until she sits first. This was the courtesy of men standing when a woman came into the room and no sitting until she is seated. This kind of deference and courtesy was taken for granted by early feminists eager to get rid of it. Look what you have now.

  32. A lot of sprocket shudder here.

  33. Absolutely excellent, thrilling.i feel myself in in that time.

  34. I've got the horn for Irene Ware…big time…shes fucking gorgeous

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