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The Contractor – A group of young international military fighters join with their tough veteran leader to protect a young boy, whose family was murdered. Now they must figure out who are the good guys and bad guys before they all end up dead.

Stars: Alejandro De Hoyos, Ana Layevska, Reinaldo Zavarce

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  1. A good, well-written movie. The child is unfeeling, except he is excited by violence. He feels a void but not love for his family. He portrays the characteristics of a psychopath and he is the real evil in the movie.

  2. @ 44:55 – the Church Scene. Catholic males do not wear any head coverings inside the church – however all females must cover their heads. Been that way for centuries – except in this one church it seems. OOPS! – Joe –

  3. Sorry but movie's that have voice's edited are shit for me.. not watching bye

  4. i enjoyed the movie ,but why do they all have a crap ending?

  5. Good job ,guarding is my duty, but with out a gun.

  6. Translation is no good…its like Starlite Indian movies, and I hate it.👎😒

  7. Watching from Liberia, Monrovia. Everyone watching this GOOD DAY.

    The movie is nice.

  8. worst film ever plot was silly would hire these fools to do my garden never mind guard me lol

  9. The boy thinking all the sh*t happening as video game is somewhat disturbing. At the same time it may depicts real life i mean if it ever happens

  10. Totally unwatchable – commercial every 3 – 4 minutes…

  11. Very educative movie I like this action movie so much thanks very much.

  12. Thnx movie central ur title of the movie is real.. Not like the other.. They change the title.. And photo into new but the movie is old

  13. This is such a rubbish that it is surreal.

  14. a worth seeing movie such as this though scripted yet a realistic and beautiful movie

  15. Is this Dubbed? It’s so suck. Their voices doesn’t fit their faces. WEIRD!

  16. On the up and up and over all in all @M@STERPIECE * INGENIOUS *⚠️ingenious⚠️

  17. UNEQUIVOCALLY * breath taking * and a MONUMENT and in layman's terms, verily REALISTIC AND THEN SOME ⚠️🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆⚽️

  18. Best film I watched so far in 2021 .. I can relate 😊🙏

  19. The one closer to God 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  20. It's cruel that for a kid of shooting the man at the end . However , it's logical and reasonable in real life . An eye for an eye . And he has experienced so many

  21. This movie is greater than the shit Hollywood

  22. The nanny spends 8years taking care of the boy than the Parents, Doctor and the guardian.

  23. whahahaha is like watching old chinese movies with the funny voices

  24. Heeeeey, how could it just end like that?!? I thought they'd got company!!!🤔🤔🤔🤔

  25. Watching from Kenya…be safe everyone

  26. the bad voice over actors ruined the movie,

  27. What about the other guys who were coming?

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