The Contract – Full Movie

A father (John Cusack) and his son attempt to bring in an assassin (Morgan Freeman) to the authorities, but his dangerous associates have other plans.

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  1. Actually a pretty good movie.. Very much worth watching. Glad I decided to watch a movie before I went to bed and found this gem..

  2. Now that was a really good movie I must say

  3. The sound is way too low. Not useable. Have a nice day. Bye 4 now

  4. 22 minutes…l realize it's obviously part of the adventurous story line but my new philosophy in life is, if there's 2 grown men floating down the River l would Smell Trouble a Mile Wide. They are Strangers who obviously got in that situation for a good Reason. Especially if l had my Sons welfare and safety to consider. The 2 Adult Men can Save themselves! Not Cold…Wise!

  5. Always take a laser pointer or 3 with you when hiking in these kinds of places.

  6. Morgan Freeman is a great actor

  7. How many of you knew that Bobby Ranghelov was the unit production manager? Clicken "thumbs up" if you didn't know.

  8. One, of my forebears' lines, was Cusack. But we never know the real name of anyone in the public eye. "Trump", for example, is Ron Masak. But is that Ron Masak's real name? I doubt it. Is "Cusack" Cusack's real name. If it is, then he and his sister might be my cousin.

  9. If 535 congressmen are traitors working for hostile foreign governments vatican or "israel", then kill 535 congressmen. Duh. Don't be so lazy. And if joint chiefs and intel directors are same, then kill them. Duh. And same for lobbyists. And any corporation that is not US nationalist, but is international. etc. etc..

  10. Phingurr Prince.
    Hoppat Aido.

  11. Robert Q. Lewis.
    John Q. Sacque.

  12. Love both of these actors.

  13. The movie is that great ttib all you would like it little puncho

  14. I saw this movie a few years ago and remembered I had after 15min. So I watched it all again. Great movie! Morgan Freeman & John Cusack and the son Jamie Anderson did a great job as well! Glad I found it again!

  15. This is a good movie. It had some suspense. Some transition issues in my opinion but if we could see the directors cut it would probably be even better. I loved how it was an action movie with no overly gratuitous swearing. Good stuff.

  16. unrealistic and corny did not expect this script for such good actors

  17. Absolutely excellent. Story well written and excellent performance by Morgan Freeman and John Cusack.

  18. Horrible movie don’t waste your time

  19. Visual stunning, Superior cinematography, excellent acting, interesting, somewhat intense story line with a dash here and there of humor. I was completely convinced of Morgan Freeman's line, "don't mistake me for one of the good guy's" that Morgan Freeman was a good guy untill that line. Not to neglect to mention JohnKusack was stellar as well.

  20. How did John Cusak take off Morgan Freeman's cuffs? Did he magically have a key?

  21. Morgan Freeman is one of my most favorite actors.

  22. The Big Tamale knows how to stay chili.

  23. Ranboo hiding in water is probably the most ironic thing I've seen in this year

  24. The FBI is dirty in the movies too

  25. The ending wasn't realistic. They never would have shot the billionaire at the funeral. It would not look like an accident.

  26. Freeman was great in this movie, as was Cuask.

  27. WTF is up with all the Russian credits…?

  28. just about to start watching this film but i came over to look up some old school movies. before this i was watching the pelican brief also a good movie. just cause we can green screen doesnt mean all movie or shows need it sometimes just classic acting and real environments,

  29. What an unusual movie. . .
    I’m not a big fan of puns or Dad jokes so—- that part was lost on me.
    Made the movie feel disjointed.
    Always enjoy watching Morgan Freeman. No question. John Cusack can be fascinating to watch,—- but that kid’s acting in the 1st few scenes was the star of the production. . .
    Then the script just got weird. Throw in a few Highly annoying characters/actors and. . .
    Ehn. 🙂
    * The action/adventure part of this movie was some pretty decent cinematography. Just don’t look any deeper than that.

  30. See how a accident can really throw a damper on things

  31. The bitch in the suit kills the whole movie…the fact she paid the producer to have a roll is legit.

  32. While reading the credits I couldn't help but notice that all the work was done by a very large Russian village.

  33. Morgan Freeman was cool&collective, as was John Cusack, my wife's 80's crush!! He'll never age in her eyes!!😄💖

  34. Very good film / movie ! Thank you so much.

  35. Someone needs to give Morgan a coat 🤬

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