The Cold Light of Day (1996)

In the countryside of an Eastern Europe country, three little girls are murdered in the wood by a ρedoρhile and found naked with one precise cut on the throat. Detective Viktor Marek, who has come from the city, investigates the case, but his superior Pavel Nowak arrests a scapegoat, the pothead Alexi Berka, and tortures the youngster to confess the murder since he is disputing the elections. Marek does not agree with the result of the investigation and resigns his job but continues to track the killer…
Starring: Richard E. Grant, Lynsey Baxter, Perdita Weeks


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  1. Good movie like a British version of the pledge except this man is weirder lol 😂😂😂😆 😂

  2. This is not going to bring her back. Life is not fair. We have to let go of things we want to hold on to.

  3. WHY is everyone speaking English?

  4. In reading the description I was IMMEDIATELY reminded of the Arkansas West Memphis Three’ case. That town knew EXACTLY who killed those boys and they weren't the accused scapegoats. Major cover up there!!

  5. Bent and corrupt 👮‍♂️ police

  6. Must of had a traumatic experience when he was younger something terribly bad

  7. smart little girl she knows how to knit

  8. Quien me da un link para verla
    En español latino

  9. I Love Richard Grant is such a believable, excellent film.

  10. Excellent Movie! Best I’ve seen in a while. Thanks.

  11. This is what happens when you don't teach your kids not to talk to strangers. That doctor was messed up fucked up in the head.😳😳😳

  12. Thanks for sharing this movie. Have this on VHS, but this is so good.
    There are an american remake on this with Jack Nicholson, think it called the pledge from 2001. But that is not as good as this!!

  13. 48:40 Anna's Mom , Milena lovecall?

  14. My mum used to say to me when I was a child that mothers have eyes around their head so they can protect her children. She was so attentive that you can't escaped her watchful eyes.I had the best and protective parent in the world

  15. The doll picnic is just plain creepy.

  16. This a scary world we live yu never know it good be anyone in your family always keep an eye open

  17. أكو عراقيات هنا للتعارف

  18. Every loving person will always guard their family 🤪👍🌈✅

  19. Terrible acting at times , Lyndsey Baxter saves the film , bloke from Hi De Hi , and an actor who's hair is between Leo Sayer and Gary Glitter what's going on with his barnet !

  20. This movie should be shown in every school for education to children and parents. We are not living in a safe world.

  21. I love the psychology part of it.

  22. As a victim of child sexual abuse by my stepfather when I was a young girl,…I taught my own children to come to me and tell me if anyone touches them in their private parts of the body. I told them that if anyone should do this,..even if it’s someone in the family, tell me so I could protect them. There are “normal childhood sexual curiosities”, and then there are “those that are grown adults who know better and that it’s wrong”. Teach your children about these things because it’s so important and could save their lives.

  23. Se i film si possono tradurre in italiano per favore

  24. Auoch no se cómo llegue hasta aquí 😁

  25. انتهى الموضوع ومات المعقد ومختطف الأطفال؟؟

  26. ارمي حجر او جذع شجرة عليه

  27. اسرع والحقها قبل أن يقتلها ادركها من هذا المريض المعقد نفسيا وعقلياََ ومخياََ واكليكنكياََ؟؟

  28. ماسيبين البنت لوحدها لوقتلتها مغتصب الأطفال كيف؟؟

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